Tips for an H & H Healthy Home this Autumn!

fall-leavesLeaves are falling, football is being played and kids are back in school.  All signs fall is here!

Make sure your home is ready for the cooler temperatures.  Here are some useful suggestions for you and your home.

  1. Take a walk around your home and inspect all windows and doors for signs of cracks in the caulking or weather stripping deteriorating under doors as this is the time of year the outdoor critters will be trying to get in!
  1. Now that the days are growing shorter and day light saving time is coming to an end on November 5th  make sure you change your batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  1. Have your heating system professionally tuned-up before the cold weather arrives. Making sure your unit runs before you really need it is good, but making sure its operating safely and efficiently is great peace of mind.
  1. Inspect your humidifier. Whole-house humidifiers are mounted on your duct near your heater.

The water panel should be replaced annually and the unit tested to ensure it is working properly. A new water panel is essential to maintaining your humidifier. Proper humidification has a positive impact on your health and comfort levels. Too dry of air causes static shock, itchy skin, sore throat and other health issues. Having the proper relative humidity (RH) also protects wood floors, musical instruments, art and furniture from dry air.

  1. Along with the change of season and cooler temperatures brings flu-season. Hopefully you got your flu shot, do you know your home can get a flu shot too?

Air Purification units are an excellent way to kill and destroy germs in your home before they invade your body. If you already have a germicidal UV bulb installed in your duct work you may want to check the date that the bulb(s) were last replaced as most units need to have fresh bulbs every 1 to 2 years to assure proper functioning.

Hopefully you have a safe and wonderful Autumn season.

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