Do Air Conditioners Circulate Air From the Inside?

Where Does the Cool Air in My Home Come From?

Many mistakenly assume it is outside air that is cooled and circulated throughout the home. In reality, however, indoor air is recirculated. How does this occur? All air conditioning systems, such as Mitsubishi and Bryant heating and air conditioning units, remove hot air and inject cool air into your home in a similar way: (more…)

Heat Pump Blowing out Hot Air? Here’s Why.

On a miserably hot and humid summer day, the last thing you want to deal with is a heat pump that is blowing out hot air. Before you dial your friendly neighborhood repairman, take a pause. You may be able to handle the issue yourself… (more…)

Wine Cellar Cooling in Dry Climates

Could the precious wines in your collection be going up in smoke? Many people overlook the essential role humidity plays in the wine cellars In dry climates, this overlooked wine storage factor can quickly result in the loss of wine through evaporation.

Why Are Humidity Levels So Important?
There’s more to wine storage than merely keeping things cool. When wine is bottled after fermentation and sealed with natural cork, moisture is essential to maintaining a tight seal. In dry, hot environments, cork can shrink, compromising its seal to allow for oxygen exposure and resulting in off-flavors and aromas, and ultimately, spoiled wine. Humidity control in your wine cellar is therefore essential to preventing this disastrous occurrence from effecting your entire collection. (more…)

Year-Round Allergy Symptoms? Fight Back with Our Complete Indoor Allergy Guide

A Complete Guide to fighting Indoor Allergies

Your indoor environment could be the source of an abundance of allergy and asthma triggers, according to the EPA. Do you know what dangers are lurking in your home – and how to reduce your exposure? Knowledge is key to successful asthma and allergy management. (more…)

How to Spot a Bad Contractor!!!

Rushing through the selection of a contractor for your upcoming air conditioning installation or other home renovation project? Skipping-out on the ‘research’ portion could cost you. While there are many trustworthy contractors out there, sadly there are also quite a few trying to take your money and run. (more…)