New Year Resolutions for a Comfortable and Efficient Home in 2018!

‘Tis the season for cutting carbs, calories…. And energy consumption. In addition to all those New Year’s resolutions tailored toward prolonging your health and happiness, don’t forget the health and happiness of your heating and cooling system, the most costly and energy glutinous appliance in your home. (more…)

Types of Floorings that Work Well with Radiant Floor Heating

What flooring material is an ideal fit for your home style and radiant floor heating units? A choice that will affect the maximum heat output and efficiency of your underfloor heating system, this decision must be carefully weighed.

More than a Style Choice
Flooring Options for Radiant Heating - H&HThe heat output of your system is influenced by the size of the space you have to heat, air temperatures, and floor temperatures. If the flooring material you choose limits the floor temperature maximum, this can make a drastic difference in comfort levels. Before selecting a floor finish, always check with your radiant floor heating contractors to ensure your selection will not limit the performance (and your satisfaction with) your heating system. Just a 2-degree difference in heat output can have drastic temperature effects. (more…)

What kind of Warranties do the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Companies provide?

One of the largest investments you’ll make in your home, the penny-wise HVAC shopper looks to more than bottom-line appliance cost when choosing a new heating and cooling system. Chief among these variables: Product warranty, key to limiting out-of-pocket expenses and the inconvenient and potentially detrimental effects of unexpected heating and cooling emergencies that can occur in weather extremes.   (more…)

Puffbacks Damage Not Covered by Insurance: Is Your Home At-Risk?

Puffbacks Damage Not Covered by InsurancePuffbacks, the release of smoke and soot that occur when a furnace or boiler misfires, are a common insurance claim over the cold weather season. Messy and occasionally dangerous, this improper ignition resulting from oil or gas buildup can create anything from a small puff a smoke, to a minor explosion. This damage is unfortunately not covered by the typical homeowner’s policy, however puffbacks are easily preventable with proper service and maintenance. (more…)

How a Whole House Humidifier can keep your Family Healthy this Season

Whole House Humidifier ApriliairIt’s common knowledge that excessively humid air can result in mold and mildew growth that creates an unhealthy home environment for you and your family. But many disregard the equally detrimental consequences of air in the home that is too dry. There’s a reason the desert is barren and the rainforest teeming with life. Humidity levels must be just right to protect the health of your home and its inhabitants. (more…)