May 2017

7 Signs Your Air Conditioner needs Repair

Guide to indoor allergies

The weather is warming up… And you’re not 100% sure, you think your air conditioning system may not be performing quite the same as it did last year. Is it time for a maintenance call to an HVAC company? Or are you overlooking something simple that may be leading to its performance decline?

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Best Air Conditioning Services in the Main Line Area. Our Customers Love Us!

heating air conditioning company

Summer’s coming, and the temperature’s rising – putting added stress on your air conditioner. Luckily, H & H Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered, with the best air conditioning services in the Main Line and surrounding areas. Trusted Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repair Fostering our reputation since 1985, our trustworthy and affordable services always

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What does Nate Certified mean for HVAC?


As a homeowner, you’ll likely suffer the nail-biting experience of selecting an hvac company to tend to one of the most expensive appliances in your home. And many of the companies you’ll peruse will tout ‘NATE certification’ online (or on their apparel). Sounds like a good thing, right? But do you really know what it

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