April 2018

All Your HVAC Questions Answered right Here!

hvac questions answered

The modern HVAC system exudes such mystery for the typical homeowner, heating and air conditioning companies get a lot of curious questions. Here at H & H Heating & Air Conditioning, our professionals have you covered, answering your most common HVAC queries…

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Ready to Turn your AC on for the Season? Don’t Ignore these Steps.

Turning on air conditioning

Warmer weather is on its way, and though you may not need your air conditioning system quite yet, now is the time to get it ready for summer action – before it leaves you hot, bothered, and looking for emergency HVAC service.

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Energy Star Ratings for Heating and Cooling Systems. Should you Care?

Energy Star logo

Trying to select a new air conditioner before the summer heat sets-in? There’s a lot of information on system labels, not the least of which is Energy Star. Like the ‘heart healthy’ logo on your daily cereal, you know the label is buzzworthy, but do Energy Star rated appliances really add up to the extra

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Who Should I Call for Water Heater Repair!

who to call water heater repair

Bone-chillingly cold shower? Scary looking sediment? Eerie noises? Water heaters issues can be horrifying. When you need to service your hot water heater, who you gonna call? If problems with your water heater are scaring you, you have multiple options…

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