May 2019

Which Type of Air Conditioner is the Quietest?

Kids. Your snoring spouse. Barking dogs. Lawn mowers. Car stereos. The local air conditioning contractors at H & H, we know you have enough noise in your life, and your quest for peace and quiet is often ongoing, starting with where you can control things: In your home. In today’s spotlight: Choosing a quiet air conditioner. Which

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Start Your Summer Off Comfortably with these HVAC Tips

Summer has arrived and along with it sweltering heat and humidity levels. Luckily, your air conditioner is there to help you make it through. How can you make sure it is ready for the start of the summer season? Replace that Nasty Air Filter In addition to distributing dirt, dust, and allergens around your home that negatively

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HVAC Tips to Stay Cool in the Sizzling Summer Heat

Tired of sweating through the summer? When scorching summer temperatures set in, you’re not the only one struggling to make it through the day. Your air conditioner is working hard to keep you cool. To help it accomplish this difficult job without going up in smoke alongside your energy dollars, we’ve got a few tips… Help Your

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Which Smart Thermostat is the Best?

What makes a good smart thermostat? The pros at H & H heating and air conditioning know the best smart thermostats can carefully monitor and adjust your home’s temperature settings with little to no programming from you. Which models should you look to for ease of use, comfort, and energy savings? Top Choice: Nest Thermostat E 

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