June 2019

Central Air Conditioners vs Wall Units

With ever-climbing summer temperatures and extreme weather patterns causing homeowners nationwide to suffer and sweat, air conditioning is rapidly moving up on the priority list of many homeowners. Should you go whole hog for a central air conditioner, or limp by with a wall/window unit? Bargain or Bust? The seemingly low prices of wall units

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What Causes Condensation on Air Conditioners?

Does your air conditioner look like it’s feeling the heat, sweating alongside you in the stifling summer weather? Condensation coming from cooling units is common in the summer months. What’s causing it, and is it good or bad for your system? The pros at H & H Heating & Cooling have the answers to all of your

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7 Signs You Need a Dehumidifier

Summer stickiness can sneak up on you, taking a toll on your comfort,  health, and the structure of your home. Is your home in need of dehumidification action? 7 Signs It’s Time for a Dehumidifier: Sticky, stuffy home feel. Relative humidity levels over 60% are too high, creating a sticky summer home environment, even with air

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What’s the Best Summer Thermostat Setting?

It can be tempting to crank the temperature setting on your air conditioner down in the summer heat. Unfortunately, this can lead to shockingly high energy bills. Luckily, with a proactive approach, you can find a thermostat setting that ensures both home comfort and affordable energy bills. What’s the Best Summer Thermostat Settings? When You’re Home 78-degrees

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