July 2019

Top 5 Summer HVAC Issues (& How to Fix Them)

As temperatures rise and you increasingly rely on your air conditioning system to stay comfortable, you can put your HVAC system under significant stress. In this situation, it’s not uncommon for issues that have been left unaddressed to rear their ugly heads. The more temperatures raise, the more calls we receive for emergency HVAC service. Here

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Tips for Making the Most Out of Summer AC Use

Summer weather extremes have already arrived. Warm weather raced in, not only to the Northeast this season, but abroad as well. Europe’s sweltering heat wave at the end of June raised average global temperatures 0.2 degrees F to record highs for the month, leaving many looking for relief. Is your home air conditioning system up

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Uneven Cooling? What to Do

Single story and multi-level homes commonly suffer uneven cooling issues. The layout of your home, the location of your thermostat, ductwork problems, dirty air filters, and the age of your heating and cooling system can all play a role in uneven cooling. This is a problem we see frequently at H & H Heating & Cooling. Luckily,

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Dangerous Summer Air Quality Issues

Most homeowners assume when spring ends, their allergy and breathing issues are over. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Air quality in the summer can be hazardous, indoors and out. What summer pollutants need to be eliminated from your home? Ozone A primary contributor to poor outdoor air quality in the summer is

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