March 2024

3 Types of Home Air Conditioners

Air conditioner

When customers call us about air conditioner installation, they often assume we’ll just install a conventional, central air conditioner in their home. Indeed, this type of system is common, and it is sometimes the best choice. However, conventional central AC systems are not the only type of home air conditioner available today. More homeowners are now

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4 Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Repair

The High Cost of Improper Furnace Installation

Some HVAC repairs can wait a few days or even a few weeks until you’re able to make a routine appointment with your HVAC contractors. Other repairs are definitely emergencies and need to be dealt with right away. How can you tell the difference? It’s not always black and white. But in most cases, if

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How Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Harm Your Health

Dangerous Summer Air Quality Issues

Discussions of indoor air quality sometimes focus on the importance of clean air for energy efficiency and proper maintenance of your HVAC system. Indeed, clean air will help keep your furnace and air conditioner in better shape. However, there is another, arguably more important reason to keep your indoor air clean: health. Poor air quality

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HVAC Unit Replacement: What to Expect?

HVAC Installation in Wallingford

HVAC equipment does not last forever. At some point, your unit will need to be replaced. This is not a DIY job, but luckily, HVAC contractors can do the replacement for you, installing the new unit in a way that ensures it will work as efficiently as possible. Still, it’s nice to know what to

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