4 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

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You depend on your hot water heater. Without it, you cannot enjoy hot showers, and washing dishes becomes a whole lot more tedious. Having your hot water heater fail is a major inconvenience. The good news is that if you know what signs to look for, you can usually tell when your hot water heater needs to be replaced before it fails completely. Our water heater installation technicians recommend keeping your eyes out for these signs your water heater is on its last legs.

1. Gradually Cooler Water

Did your water used to be really hot, but now it just seems warm? Maybe you’ve adjusted the thermostat setting on your water heater, but that only seems to help so much. When your water becomes gradually cooler like this, it is often because the heating element in an electric hot water heater is starting to struggle. Or, there is so much sediment on the heating elements that they are not transferred heat to the water as well as they should. In either case, it’s time to call your water heater technician.

2. Rusty Water

Hot water heaters are often made from coated steel. Eventually, the interior coating wears off, and the steel is exposed directly to water. This causes the steel to start rusting. You will see that rust in your water. It will make your water look orange-brown, and it can stain a white sink.

If you do see rust in your water, check whether it’s in both the hot and the cold water, or just in the hot. If the cold water is rusty, too, then you may be dealing with old, galvanized pipes rather than a hot water heater problem. When your hot water tank is to blame, only the hot water will be rusty. Make sure you have it replaced soon because eventually, that rust will eat through the metal and lead to leaks.

3. Leaks

Are there spots of water on the floor around the water heater? If you see spots, there may be a leak in the hot water heater or in one of the valves associated with it. Leaky valves can sometimes be fixed, but if your tank itself has a leak, it will need to be replaced. Your technician may also recommend replacing a water tank with a leaky valve if the tank is older or has other problems, too.

4. Rising Energy Bills

There are many possible causes of rising energy bills. Your HVAC system may be losing efficiency, or you may have purchased a new computer that uses a lot of power. But if you’ve checked the more common causes off the list, a failing water heater may be what’s driving your cost up. It’s certainly wise to have a heating contractor look over your heating and cooling equipment and your hot water heater in this case.

If you suspect your hot water heater will need to be replaced soon, don’t hesitate to contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning. Our friendly techs will be happy to help. We offer a wide variety of services including 24-hour heating repair service.

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