5 Reasons Why People Won’t Tune Up their Heating System this Season!

Every year, you get tons of mailers and hear endless broadcasts about annual heating system maintenance. And every year, you come up with tons of reasons why you think it’s unimportant. Your local heating company has heard them all. Here are some of our favorites…


Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Tune-up Their Heating System:

‘I had it serviced last season.’
Neglected annual maintenance can void manufacturer and extended warranties and put your system at-risk. Put another way: If someone told you they put 60,000 miles on their car without taking it in for an oil change… How long do you expect it will last – and how expensive do you think the repair will be when the maintenance neglect catches up? (Can you say, ‘total replacement’?)

‘It worked fine last year.’
The combustion process of furnaces and boilers must be precise to ensure efficiency and safety. Even seemingly small problems can lead to the release of dangerous levels of invisible, odorless carbon monoxide that could put the safety of your family at-risk.

‘I keep the air filter clean.’
While a clean air filter is a major force in keeping your system clean and well running, it’s not the only factor. Just like oil changes alone will not keep your car going indefinitely (you have belts, tires, and a myriad of other components that wear with use and age), your HVAC system has an array of moving parts and pieces that need cleaning, inspection, adjustment, and sometimes replacement. That’s why when a professional tech comes for HVAC service or typical furnace or boiler maintenance visit, they…

Check for the presence of invisible, odorless carbon monoxide.
Check components linked to CO contamination are properly functioning (venting, combustion chamber/heat exchanger, pilot light).
Check the condition/function of fluids, belts, electrical connections, ductwork and vent pipes.
Clean/maintain all components and check filters.
Verify proper and safe function.

‘I don’t have the extra money.’
46% of the annual utility bill is attributable to heating/air costs, making efficient performance essential to savings. As we illustrated in our oil change example, lack of attention now will cost more in repair costs later – infinitely more than an annual maintenance when you end up replacing your home heating system early. Just one of the many reasons why we offer money saving specials, and Home Comfort Club agreements to keep annual tune-ups affordable and avoid emergency heating services expense.

‘I’ll just call someone when there’s a problem.’
Improperly maintained systems suffer reduced efficiency and added strain, increasing the likelihood of repairs when they’re working the hardest – e.g. during a snowstorm – when everyone else who neglected their system will be lining up for emergency repairs too!

Excuses Lead to Emergency?
Lucky for you we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC repair services, with reliable, up-front quotes, no overtime fees, and warranty-backed repairs.

Seeing annual maintenance from a new perspective? Let the pros at H & H Heating & Air Conditioning help you prevent the headaches and costs of unnecessary repair. Schedule your heating system tune-up with your local HVAC Company today.

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