5 Signs Your HVAC Blower Motor Needs to Be Replaced

Forced air furnaces are equipped with a blower, sometimes known as a fan, which works to blow the freshly conditoned heat or cooled air through the ducts. This fan is powered by a motor, and like most HVAC components, that motor sometimes fails. The older your furnace is, the more likely this is to happen. Luckily, residential HVAC contractors can usually replace or repair broken blower motors. Here are the signs you need to give your residential heating repair company a call about this problem.

Your HVAC Blower Motor Needs to Be Replaced

1. No Airflow

If you notice that there is no warm air at all coming through your heat registers, then you may have a broken blower motor. This generally means the blower motor has failed completely, which may indicate there have been problems for a while. If you keep an eye out for the other signs on this list, you can often have your blower motor repaired before it fails completely.

2. Less Airflow

If your blower motor is struggling but still functioning, you may notice a decrease in airflow through your registers. The airflow may be stronger at the vents close to the furnace, but weaker at the far-away vents, such as any that are located upstairs.

Low airflow can be caused by all sorts of blower motor problems, from a bad capacitor to dirt accumulation. Having a furnace tune-up performed every year prior to heating season can help prevent these issues.

3. Rattling or Screeching Noises

Listen closely when your furnace starts blowing out warm air. Do you hear a rattling noise? If so, your blower motor may need a ball bearing, or there may be a loose screw that needs to be tightened.

Screeching noises while the furnace is running can also indicate a blower motor problem. Usually, screeching is caused by a frayed or torn belt. This is a common problem in older, belt-driven furnaces. Thankfully, HVAC technicians can replace frayed belts if the motor is in otherwise good shape,

4. High Energy Bills

There are many possible causes of high energy bills. You may have leaky windows or a malfunctioning water heater, as an example. If you’ve ruled out these and other probable causes, then it’s time to consider your blower motor. If the motor is really dirty, it won’t work efficiently. This could lead to breakdowns if not addressed promptly.

If you have a variable speed blower motor, high energy bills could also mean the motor is stuck at one speed. Having your heating contractors fix it will help bring your energy bills back down to a reasonable level.

5. Strange Smells

If you notice an overheating odor or the smell of burning dust when you turn on your furnace, this could indicate an issue with your blower motor. It may just be dirty, or there could be some components rubbing against one another, generating heat and odors.

If you suspect your blower motor may be malfunctioning, call your heating contractor sooner rather than later. Feel free to contact H&H Heating and Air Conditioning if you’re looking for heating and air conditioning companies in the Delaware Valley.


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