5 Things to Know when you are Buying a New Furnace

5 Things to Know when you are Buying a New Furnace

Summer might seem like a silly time to think about buying a new furnace, but considering an upcoming furnace investment when your air conditioner is blasting is actually a smart move. By not leaving this decision until the fall, you’ll have lots of time to research possible options – and schedule an installation for a time when you won’t be relying on your furnace to keep your family warm on a cold fall or winter’s night.


What 5 Things Should You Know Before Making a Furnace Investment?

  1. Which Fuel Type Would You Prefer to Power Your Furnace?
    • Electric Furnace
      Electric furnaces boast a lower initial purchase price and high efficiency (95%+). This can be misleading, however, as the cost of coal-generated power in much of the country can be quite high compared to other options. Consider electric if you don’t have access to natural gas, otherwise a heat pump heating unit for the house may make more sense.
    • Natural Gas Furnace
      Natural gas makes sense for areas with long winters where natural gas is available. Though more up-front than electric models, the affordability of natural gas makes gas-powered furnaces a popular option. With efficiency ratings of up to 98% and low-cost fuel, gas furnaces are much more economical to operate over the long-run. They also pair easily with air conditioners/heat pumps, allowing for efficient year-round heating and cooling.
    • Oil or Propane Furnace
      Oil and propane furnaces are becoming increasingly less common as the cost of these fuels continue to rise. Homeowners (and HOAs) also tend to prefer the look of systems that don’t require massive, unsightly storage tanks on-premises. If you don’t have access to natural gas on your street, however, this may offer a more affordable heating option than electric.
  2. Installation Cost
    Changing your fuel type? This may present added installation work and cost, such as an upgraded electrical service, added gas lines and venting. Be sure to factor this into your choice.
  3. Efficiency
    The more efficient heating units are, the less they cost to operate over the long-haul in utility costs. Today’s moderately efficient furnaces offer 80-85% efficient fuel-to-heat conversion. Higher-end models offer as much as 95-98% efficiency, with more advanced features and a higher up-front cost. The goal is to balance up-front furnace and installation cost with operating expenses over the life of the furnace. The pros at H & H can help you ensure a winning balance between the two.
  4. Sizing
    Trustworthy heating companies know: Optimal furnace sizing depends on many factors, including climate zone, heat loss and airflow in your home.
  5. Timing
    Though summer may seem like an odd time to upgrade your furnace, it’s a wise choice. No one wants to end up bundling up in a cold snap while waiting for the emergency furnace repair company alongside hundreds of other homeowners.

Ensure a summer furnace upgrade that doesn’t leave you sizzling mad. Find the right furnace for your home and budget with the help of H & H Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us and schedule a free, trustworthy estimate or learn more about our special offers today.


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