5 Tips for a Healthier Home

Healthier HomeYou spend the majority of your time within your home, and healthful changes here can ensure it remains a safe haven for you and your family. Though creating a healthy home is no easy feat, it is one of the best investments you can make in your future health.


How Can You Provide a Healthy Home Environment?

These 5 tips from your local home air conditioning company can help you create a healthier home.


  1. Guard Against VOCs
    Chemicals from cleaning products, air fresheners, and the breakdown of carpet and building materials can release dangerous compounds into the air. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, and serious disease, including cancer. Talk to your local heating and cooling professional to ensure adequate ventilation to reduce VOCs in the air. Today’s tightly sealed homes often struggle with this issue. Whenever possible, opt for natural cleaners and building materials. Keep levels under control within your home with the right ventilation tactics.
    Upgrading to HEPA home air filters or integrating a whole house air purifier into your heating and cooling system can also help you in the fight to reduce VOCs and improve indoor air quality. Learn more.
  2. Tackle Moisture Issues & Prevent Mold
    Mold poses serious health risks. Musty, moldy smells and areas of mold greater than 10-sq.ft. should be addressed by a pro immediately. To prevent these issues, enlist the help of an indoor air quality professional. They can test the air quality in your home and help you mitigate mold through proper ventilation or the simple addition of a whole house dehumidifier to your central HVAC system to control moisture.
  3. Vacuum Regularly
    Dander and pollen that cause allergies are top offenders in the home environment. However, these can be easily controlled with regular vacuuming. How often? Every other day, or at least weekly. If possible, choose a vacuum outfitted with a HEPA air filter, which is capable of removing smaller particles a regular vacuum cannot trap. For optimal control, you must also maintain your vacuum, cleaning the filter and associated components (or changing bags) every couple of months. To avoid introducing mold, always let parts dry thoroughly before reassembly.
  4. Check Dirt at the Door.
    These ‘old-fashioned’ cleaning tips will help improve air quality in your home.

    • Leave shoes outside.
      This will reduce the amount of chemicals, allergens, and dirt brought into the home.
    • Splurge on a ‘paw-wiper.’
      Paw wipers or dog ‘booties’ can help prevent tracking unwanted particulates in as well.
  5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    Upholding the air quality outside is key to ensuring the air quality within your home remains at its best. To this end, reducing your carbon footprint by upgrading to a more efficient heating and cooling system, your home’s largest energy consumer, is essential. Uncover the impressive efficiency of ductless Mitsubishi home air conditioning systems, and how their superior efficiency can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.


Not feeling so good? Learn how to improve indoor air quality in the home with the help of H & H Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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