7 Signs Your Air Conditioner needs Repair

The weather is warming up… And you’re not 100% sure, you think your air conditioning system may not be performing quite the same as it did last year. Is it time for a maintenance call to an HVAC company? Or are you overlooking something simple that may be leading to its performance decline?

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair, H & H Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

7 Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair:

  1. Air is not blowing cold.
    If air being circulated through your vents isn’t as cold as it used to be – your system is working overtime to keep temperatures comfortable. This could result from an array of possible causes, including leaking/low refrigerant, condenser issues, and duct leakage.
  2. Air flow is poor.
    Your fan, which is responsible for pushing all that lovely, cool air through the ductwork, can succumb to a number of issues that can dramatically reduce airflow, ranging from dirty air filter, bad blower motor or faulty fan control board.
  3. Moisture/water accumulation in strange places.
    Your system is designed to remain dry at all times, otherwise mold and mildew in your system and home could result. If you notice a leak, the system may be suffering a blocked or broken condensate drain, and fast attention is in your best interest.
  4. Bizarre sounds.
    All systems are designed to run quietly. Louder than normal operation – especially metallic screeching, grinding or banging noises – indicate something wrong inside the unit (broken components, loose belts, debris). When strange sounds occur, you may need to get it checked by an air conditioning company so call the repairman ASAP to avoid significant system damage.
  5. Funky smells.
    Funky smells can arise from an array of issues, ranging from pest infiltration to burned-out wire insulation and mold growth within. Tend to these quickly to protect your family’s health.
  6. Thermostat issues.
    Sometimes your system is not the problem – it’s your thermostat. Some signs might be obvious (a setting of 75 and a home temperature that’s off by 10s of degrees), while others won’t be (varied temperature zones throughout the home). Luckily your knowledgeable area HVAC technician can rule this out in a jiff.
  7. High cooling bills.
    Your air conditioner is the largest consumer of energy in the home. If it was operating fine last season, but this year’s energy bills have spiked, that’s a good indication you need your system looked over.

This Commonly Neglected Homeowner Maintenance Can Cause Many Problems
Short cycling, poor airflow, odors, freezing up, uneven cooling, and higher than normal utility bills can also be attributable to simple maintenance that takes the average homeowner less than 5 minutes to tend to: Air filter replacement. Unless otherwise indicated by your heating and cooling professional, this should be performed at a minimum of every 3 months – and far more often if you have children and pets. Don’t neglect this before reaching out to the repairman – it can also help you avoid getting a red face when he pulls that nasty old filter out of the system.

Don’t let your summer air conditioner repair needs snowball into costly emergency repair. Contact H & H Heating and Air Conditioning and schedule an air conditioner service and performance check today.

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