AC Installation: 4 Tips for the Best Installation

Installing an air conditioning unit in your home can be tough if you’re not a pro. That’s why it’s best to leave air conditioning installation to professionals. The skill and experience level of the installers directly affects how well your AC will work in the future. If the AC installation is not done properly, your unit might not work as well as it should, it may break down frequently, or consume more energy.

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To make sure your AC continues to keep you comfortable without straining your wallet for a long time, follow these helpful tips from H & H Heating & Air Conditioning’s skilled technicians.

1. Get it Done by a Professional

For a successful air conditioning installation, it’s important to hire a professional. A good air conditioning company will look after important things like refrigerant levels, pressure, and voltage, and make sure the AC is securely installed. Trying to do this on your own is not recommended, especially if you don’t have the right skills and tools. Only if you happen to be an experienced HVAC technician, you can take on the installation confidently. 

2. Have the Right Size Installed

When it comes to central air conditioning systems for homes, bigger doesn’t always mean better. If the air conditioner is too big for your house, it can make comfort levels less effective. To figure out the right size for your AC, HVAC experts use a method called “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning load estimate.” This method considers different things like the size of your home, the weather in your area, how well your home is insulated, how many windows and doors you have, and how many people live in the house. By looking at all these factors, they can make sure your air conditioner is just the perfect size to keep you comfortable and cool efficiently.

3. Have the Ductwork Inspected

Before you install a central air conditioner, it’s essential to check your existing ductwork. Some ducts may not handle the extra airflow that comes with a new AC system, so they might need adjustments. In homes without any ductwork, you’ll have to install it, which can be quite expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars. It’s crucial to consider these factors and plan accordingly before getting your new air conditioning system.

4. Correctly Place the Indoor and Outdoor Unit

Keeping the right distance between the indoor and outdoor units is crucial for split AC systems. The refrigerant, which cools the air, flows through copper tubing between these units. However, there can be some loss of cooling when the refrigerant travels between the units. To minimize this loss, try to keep the distance between the indoor and outdoor split AC units as short as possible. The maximum recommended distance between them is about 15 meters (around 50 feet). 

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