Air Conditioning Repair – Tips That Can Save Your Money

Anyone that has ever owned a central air conditioning system knows that repair costs can add up quickly. Just one service call can wind up costing homeowners several hundred dollars for even the simplest repair. But homeowners have a choice when it comes to when to call out a professional and when to fix small problems themselves.

Simple repairs that should never cost very much to fix can be done by the homeowner with no need to involve an expensive air conditioning repair service. Also, there are some air conditioning maintenance tasks that the homeowner can do to keep their unit running smoothly. Below are some simple ticks and tips that will help save lots of money this summer.

Five ways that you, the home-owner can save money on AC repairs:

  1. Check Duct Lines: Before summer comes around, one of the best ways to make sure your unit is ready for the hot season is to check your duct lines. Sometimes pests can tear holes in your ducts spilling valuable cool air into your attic or under your house. Air duct metal tape can be purchased at a local hardware store and can be wrapped around the duct to repair the hole. This will help keep the cold air in and your electricity bill down.
  1. Always Change Your Filters: If you change air filters on a routine basis you can prevent dust and dirt from building up on your air conditioner inner coil. This will help your AC run more efficiently and keep it from clogging up and causing you to have to call a repair technician.
  1. Check the Power Breaker: If your unit just won’t start or has stopped working for no reason, always check the power breaker that feeds your unit. Often times, a power surge can cause a breaker to trip when there is nothing actually wrong with the unit. By simply resetting the breaker, you can save yourself a service call.
  1. A Clean Unit Is An Efficient Unit: Before those hot days set in, why not take the time to clean the outside coil of your unit with a soft brush and a water hose? Always make sure the unit is off and there is no power going to it. This can keep your AC running properly when it is under the stress of a hot day.
  1. Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Working Properly: Often times when an air conditioner won’t properly cool or refuses to start, the thermostat is to blame. This could really be a simple problem that can be fixed in seconds. Before calling an air conditioning services company, check the batteries. By simply replacing dead or weak batteries, you will save yourself tons of money.
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