A Round up of Amana HVAC Systems

In the market for a new HVAC system? Amana offers some of the most top rated heating and air conditioning systems on the market today.

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Which Amana Model Best Fits Your Home & Budget?

  • Amana AC Units
    • AVXC20
      The impressive AVXC20 sports a 24.5-SEER rating, high-efficiency, variable-speed compressor and fan, and is compatible with Amana’s proprietary, energy-saving ComfortNet & ComfortHome automation communications technology.
    • ASXC18
      With a slightly higher SEER-rating than the ASXC16, the Energy Star rated ASXC18 offers efficient 19-SEER performance, featuring a two-stage compressor. Best paired with a variable-speed blower, it comes in 2-5 ton models and is ComfortNet and ComfortHome compatible.
    • SSX13
      This affordable 13-SEER model is budget-friendly, while still maintaining Energy Star certified performance, featuring single-stage cooling and a communication system.
  • Amana Heating Units (Heat Pumps)
    • AVZC20
      AVZC20 wraps 21-SEER/10-HSPF performance up in a tidy package, with a high-efficiency variable-speed swing and scroll compressor and fan motor, and compatibility with ComfortNet communications. Compressor inverter technology works like a light dimmer switch, optimizing energy savings and comfort with precise speed adjustments.
    • AVZC18
      This 19-SEER/10-HSPF system also features a variable-speed compressor and fan motor with inverter technology, and compatibility with ComfortNet communications, albeit at a slightly lower SEER (and price tag) punch.
    • ASZC18
      The ComfortNet compatible 18-SEER/9.50-HSPF ASZC18 offers a two-stage scroll compressor and fan motor, utilizing less energy compared to reciprocating models.
    • ASZC16
      Affordable and efficient, the 16-SEER/9.7-HSPF ASZC16 also features a two-stage scroll compressor and ComfortNet compatibility.
    • ASZ14
      Budget-friendly yet still efficient and Energy Star rated, the 15-SEER/9-HSPF ASZ14 offers a two-speed high efficiency scroll compressor and ComfortHome automation capabilities.
  • Amana Gas Furnaces
    • ACVM97
      Highly-efficient, with an AFUE rating of 97%, the ACVM97 gas furnace offers a variable-speed blower, multi-speed continuous fan operation for reducing noise levels during operation, a dehumidification mode to enhance summer comfort, and ComfortNet and ComfortHome automation capabilities.
    • AMEC96
      Continuous multi-speed fan operation quickly and quietly distributes heat through your home with 96% efficiency, providing substantial energy savings. Pair with ComfortHome automation tech for the ultimate in ease-of-use.
    • AMS8
      The budget-friendly AMS8 offers 80% efficiency, with a single-stage fan, and patented convertible technology providing continuous, low levels of heat to eliminate temperature swings.

Unique Features of Amana Systems
Those new to Amana products may be unfamiliar with what sets this brand apart from competitors. Amana is known for its…

  • Durability & Warranty
    Amana’s use of R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant boosts the systems durability, reliability, and environmental friendliness. Compressors/heat exchangers boast a lifetime warranty, with other components warrantied 10 years after purchase.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Models compatible with Amana’s high-tech ComfortNet System excel at efficient operation, offering substantial annual energy cost savings.
  • Moisture Performance
    Intelligently designed, Amana systems manage moisture at many different capacities, circumventing relative humidity complications.
  • Quiet Operation
    Enhanced acoustical engineering with high-density foam covers provides discreet HVAC operation.

Not sure which HVAC system is best for your home or budget? H & H Heating & Air Conditioning has the information and experience you need to help you decide. Contact us to learn more about available Amana HVAC options today.

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