Your April HVAC Checklist

Many people are surprised to realize properly maintaining your HVAC system involves more than just changing your air filter. To avoid high energy bills and ensure your system will get you through the hottest and coldest days of the season, regular attention throughout the year is key. What steps should you take to keep your air conditioner or heater going from month-to-month?

Your April HVAC Checklist

April HVAC Maintenance
Year-round HVAC attention safeguards the lifespan of your system, keeping key components operating smoothly and efficiently. This spring, before summer heat sets-in, be certain to…

  • Schedule Preventative Maintenance
    Contact your local heating and cooling company to schedule pre-season maintenance. This essential maintenance will ensure your system runs smoothly over the coming summer cooling season. During this ‘tune-up,’ refrigerant levels and thermostat function will be verified, and essential components cleaned, oiled, and checked for performance issues to prevent the need for emergency maintenance down the road.
  • Clean/Change Your Air Filter
    Replace disposable filters, or clean your reusable filter model. Check your filter monthly throughout the season to ensure it is clean. This easy and inexpensive maintenance is integral to the efficiency of cooling and heating units, ensuring the system can ‘breathe easy’ and safeguarding its longevity.
  • Clear Key Areas to Ensure Proper Airflow
    Check around your outside unit, clearing away any items stored in the surrounding area. If you covered the unit over the winter, take it off. Check for grass or weeds that have grown around the system, and trim them back. These steps will improve airflow and prevent your system from overheating.
  • Check Vents & Registers in the Home
    Check that all vents and registers in your home are open and unblocked by household detritus, rugs, or furniture to ensure proper airflow and uphold system performance. Remember, any situation that causes your system to struggle to move air reduces performance and system life.
  • ‘Zone’ Carefully
    If you choose to close-off vents in unused areas of your home, do so carefully. Never shut more than 20% of your home’s HVAC vents. Doing so will cause your system to struggle to force air through the remaining vents. If you have many unused areas, your air conditioner or furnace repair company will tell you it is better to invest in a zoning system to save energy and ensure proper system performance.
  • While You’re At It, Service Your Hot Water Heater
    Like servicing your HVAC system, annual hot water heater service boosts efficiency and longevity. Flushing the tank removes sediment that can reduce performance and increase energy bills, and a quick check of the anode rod can ensure future function: The replacement of this key component, if issues are discovered during routine maintenance, is far less painful than cold showers or purchasing a new water heater.

Neglected maintenance leave you in a bind? Contact H & H Heating & Cooling, your 24/7 HVAC repair company, today.

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