Avoid Thermostat Adjustments That Inflate Your Energy Bill

Avoid Thermostat Adjustments That Inflate Your Energy BillNobody wants to pay more for energy than they have to. And with the rising cost of energy, many people are being more vigilant about their energy use these days. Heating accounts for a significant percentage of the energy use in most homes, so if you can keep your HVAC use efficient, your energy bills should go down. To save on energy, HVAC service technicians recommend rethinking the way you’re using and adjusting your thermostat.

Avoid Frequent Adjustments

You turn the temperature up to 72°F, and then your partner, feeling warm, turns it back to 67°F. Does this sound familiar? Arguments about the thermostat setting are nothing new, and you’re not just straining your relationship by failing to reach an agreement on the best temperature. Every time you turn the thermostat setting up or down, your HVAC system has to work extra hard to adjust. This wastes energy.

For the most efficient heating, heating and cooling technicians recommend picking a thermostat setting, and sticking with it. It’s usually best to go with the lowest preferred setting in your household. Anyone who is a little on the chilly side at that temperature can layer on an extra sweater. Most people can easily stay comfortable at 68°F without having to wear a winter coat or strip down to their birthday suit.

Program Your Thermostat Wisely

Having a home HVAC repair company install a programmable thermostat can save you money on energy, but only if you use your programmable thermostat wisely. For instance, if you turn the temperature down too low when you’re gone in the middle of the day, your furnace will have to work extra hard to re-heat the home later on, negating any potential energy savings.

A good starting point is to set your thermostat no warmer than 70°F for the hours you’re awake and active. Set the temperature no more than 8°F lower when you’re out of the house. The same goes for the night hours. Turn the temperature down no more than 8°F during the hours when you’re asleep.

Other Tips

Here are a few other tips to help you avoid wasting energy with less-than-perfect thermostat use.

  • Check your thermostat programming every month to make sure the settings still suit your needs.
  • If you go away on vacation, turn the thermostat down to no lower than 55°F while you’re away.
  • Make sure all family members are aware of and agree to your chosen thermostat settings to prevent frequent adjustments.

Whether you have a programmable thermostat or not, the way you use your thermostat does affect your energy consumption. Keep the advice above in mind, and contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning if you’re in need of HVAC service. We offer gas furnace installation, fix central heating systems, and so much more.

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