Buying Tips on Whole House Air Cleaner

The quality of air within your home is undoubtedly a major factor in creating the overall ambience of your home. If you find yourself tired of poor indoor air quality in Conshohocken, investing in an air cleaner or purifier or both is the way to go. Like any household investment, buying an air cleaner may lead to a number of questions and queries, so here are all the top tips you should know before committing to a particular type of home air cleaner.

Which one to choose?

With the abundance of newer technologies flooding the market comes greater variety and invariably, greater confusion. For our readers who are looking to find suitable air purifiers in Conshohocken, it is important to acquaint yourself with the different types of air purifiers available to you.

  1. Ozone generators: There are a number of Ozone generators in the market for households where indoor air quality is compromised due to mold, mildew and bad odors. These generators use ozone to kill the mold spores, mildew and bacteria. While they prove effective in removing these containments and the bad odor resulting from them, the use of ozone to disinfect the air may be harmful to individuals suffering from allergies or asthma.
  2. Electronic Purifiers:  Possibly one of the most effective types of air cleaners in Conshohocken, electronic purifiers capture and kill air-born particles to leave your air cleaner. These are perfect for homeowners on the hunt for a financially viable way of acquiring clean and fresh air. Be warned however, these units often require a greater amount of maintenance and generally have a shorter lifespan.
  3. HEPAAir Cleaner: One of the most expensive types of residential air purifiers, these air cleaners fit the tag of “value for money” and remove up to 99.97% of pollutants from the air, preventing allergic reactions and asthma attacks. If you are not restricted by a budget, contact your local air conditioning service in Conshohocken to learn more about these.
  4. Filters: Filters are another available form of air cleaners. This alternative can be found in a range of materials and densities allowing you to find the purifier that suits the needs of your lifestyle. A downside to consider however is the maintenance costs that are required for replacing the filters.

To further help you in selecting the model that is right for you, contact H & H Heating and Air conditioning who offer a range of quality air-purifiers and air conditioner units in Conshohocken.

What size to buy?

A question many buyers tackle before purchasing a cleaner is deciding upon which size to buy. To assist you in this decision the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers tests and rates air cleaners with the ratings ranging from 0 to 450. This rating is known as the Clean Air Delivery Rate and is a direct measure of efficiency for any air purifier. As a rule of thumb, a cleaner that has a rating of 350 or more should prove to be extremely effective. Additionally, accompanying this rating is also an indicator of how large a room will work effectively with a particular model. However, while this is an excellent suggestion, buyers should try to purchase an air cleaner that is suited to a larger area than your room as this will allow your cleaner to work in a quieter fashion, retaining the tranquility of your home.

Professional peace of mind

A final consideration to take into account prior to finalizing an air cleaner is committing to a reliable and trustworthy air conditioning services provider in Conshohocken. Companies like H & H Heating and Air conditioning specialize in healthy home and  offer a range of warranties that will give you that extra peace of mind. Not only will you get quality products from world renowned brands such as Honeywell, Aprilaire and Skuttle, but also 24 hour service, budget friendly straight forward pricing and reliable warranty and service agreements to ensure that you and your family get clean and fresh air all year round.

So for the latest air cleaners and healthy home products  in Conshohocken, contact H & H Heating and Air conditioning. Say good bye to poor indoor air quality and say hello to a healthy home.

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