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Puffbacks Damage Not Covered by Insurance: Is Your Home At-Risk?

Puffbacks Damage Not Covered by Insurance

Puffbacks, the release of smoke and soot that occur when a furnace or boiler misfires, are a common insurance claim over the cold weather season. Messy and occasionally dangerous, this improper ignition resulting from oil or gas buildup can create anything from a small puff a smoke, to a minor explosion. This damage is unfortunately

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Extend the Life of your Heating Equipment with our Maintenance Agreements!

How to Buy Air Conditioners

Maintenance matters! Prevention is always better than cure. Properly maintained heating systems costs less to operate, using 10-25% less energy than their neglected cousins, and have a longer lifespan. Regular maintenance also protects against unexpected mishaps and expenses that often occur when you’re most at need of warmth.

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