Furnace Troubles to Watch Out For

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It’s rare for furnaces to fail without first giving you a sign that something is wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of the early signs of impending furnace failure go overlooked simply because homeowners don’t know what to look for. A little bit of vigilance can go a long way when it comes to furnace care. If

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Electric vs. Gas Furnaces – Which Is Best for Your New Build?

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Selecting a furnace for your new construction home in the Greater Philadelphia region is a decision that impacts not only your immediate comfort but also long-term energy costs and maintenance. With several options available, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and innovative dual-fuel heat pumps, it’s essential to consult knowledgeable HVAC contractors to guide you through

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How to Troubleshoot Common Furnace Problems Before Calling A Pro?

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In general, it’s not a good idea to work on your own furnace. HVAC contractors spend years studying and learning how to safely and effectively repair furnaces and other equipment. The average homeowner lacks this experience, so they’re likely to make a mistake that either makes the problem worse or leads to an injury. However,

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The Signs & Symptoms of a Bad Capacitor on a Gas Furnace

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Your furnace works by warming air and then blowing that warm air through your ducts. The fan, specifically, is responsible for the blowing part of this function. Inside that fan, there is a motor, and inside the motor, there is a part called the capacitor. Your furnace capacitor works to regulate the amount of electricity

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4 Signs Your Furnace Has a Gas Leak

Gas Leak

Natural gas furnaces are efficient, affordable, and relatively easy to maintain. However, when you have a gas furnace, there is always some potential for gas leaks. A leak may develop in the furnace itself or in the gas lines leading to the furnace. Unfortunately, these leaks can cause illness and home fires. If you know the key

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The High Cost of Improper Furnace Installation

The High Cost of Improper Furnace Installation

Trying to save money on new furnace installation? Choosing the cheapest HVAC installer could cost you dearly. Correct installation is as crucial to the performance of a heater as the quality of the unit you choose. Proper HVAC system installation is essential to ensure monthly energy savings and a lasting investment. Wrong Sized Furnace that Fails to

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Rust in Your Furnace? Here’s what you need to know

Rust in Your Furnace? Here's what you need to know

Your furnace doesn’t use water to operate like a boiler, and there aren’t any water leaks in the area – so why is it rusty? A rusting furnace can seem strange, but it could point to a larger problem. It’s one of the things an experienced, professional heating repair company will look for when performing maintenance and

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Furnace Tune Up: Make Sure It’s Done Right With This Checklist

Furnace Tune Up: Make Sure It's Done Right With This Checklist

Regular furnace maintenance increases the efficiency of your system and offers significant savings. It costs very little in time and money, giving you the peace of mind your system will perform reliably all winter long. Keep your furnace in peak condition and reduce the need for expensive emergency repair with routine furnace maintenance conducted by a licensed professional who knows

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Dangers of Furnace Maintenance Neglect

Dangers of Furnace maintenance neglect

Are you trying to save a few bucks by stretching the time between furnace maintenance? Like your family’s automobile, your home heating system requires routine care to operate safely, efficiently, and reliably. When you let maintenance routine slide, you run the risk of your system breaking down in the worst of the winter weather, much like you

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Furnace Replacement: A Home Owners’s Guide that You can Use

Furnace Replacement: A Home Owners's Guide that You can Use

It’s happened again. You’re looking at more costly furnace repairs. Should you keep piecing your aging furnace back together, or should you finally give in and replace it? Considering these factors can help you determine whether you might be better off repairing or replacing your home heating unit. Repair History Reviewing your furnace repair receipts and

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