Central Air Conditioners vs Wall Units

Central Air Conditioners vs Wall UnitsWith ever-climbing summer temperatures and extreme weather patterns causing homeowners nationwide to suffer and sweat, air conditioning is rapidly moving up on the priority list of many homeowners. Should you go whole hog for a central air conditioner, or limp by with a wall/window unit?

Bargain or Bust?

The seemingly low prices of wall units can make them tempting to purchase. However, they’re often not what homeowners bargain for…

Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for the most bang for your cooling buck, consider central air conditioner installation. Wall units are engineered for cooling only small spaces, providing less cooling capacity. Central air conditioners use less energy overall, especially compared to a gaggle of wall/window units running (noisily) in tandem. Though wall units may seem cheaper, if you need more than one to stay comfortable in the summer heat, the more cost-effective solution is central air conditioning.


If you sell your home, central air conditioners hold more value, whereas wall units, especially those poorly installed, can detract.


For consistency in temperature, central systems offer superior comfort, hands-down. Integrated with a smart programmable thermostat, simply set it and forget it, cooling your entire home. To achieve the same feat with multiple wall units would be impossible, as room size affects temperature consistency, requiring frequent thermostat adjustments at each unit to avoid hot and cold spots.

Air quality

Central HVAC systems do a far better job of filtering allergens and pollutants from the air than wall units, especially when paired with HEPA home air filters. For those with asthma and allergies, a central system is a wiser investment.


Central air conditioners remove more humidity from the air than wall/window units, helping you feel more comfortable without the need to crank the thermostat to a lower temperature setting.


With heat pump installation and some ductless systems, adding a heat source is also possible. Due to their size, very few wall units provide reliable heat.

No Room for Duct Work?

If your smaller or older home lacks sufficient space for ductwork, you still have options. A relative newcomer to the American market, ductless mini split installation offers interior design flexibility and some of the highest SEER ratings and efficiency levels on the market. Compact and easy to install, they require no ducts, as their name implies. A few small, 3-inch holes for coolant lines are all that is needed to connect interior air handlers to exterior components. Located high on the wall, suspended or mounted flush into the ceiling, and operable via remote, ductless mini split systems offer some of the lowest operating costs and highest performance of cooling systems among the market today.

Learn more about ductless systems here.

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