Why Ductless Mini-Splits Are A Good Choice For Homes In The Mainline

Why Ductless Mini-Splits Are A Good Choice For Homes In The Mainline

The Philadelphia Mainline is known for its stunning, historic homes. If you live in one of these beautiful older homes, you know that all of that beauty also comes with some challenges. One of those challenges is choosing HVAC equipment that works well with the homes’ more traditional structures while delivering efficient central heating and air conditioning.

Luckily, there’s a type of air conditioner that tends to work really well in older homes. Ductless mini-split systems consist of an interior, wall-mounted unit, and an outdoor compressor unit. They’re efficient, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Here’s why central heat and air installation technicians recommend ductless mini-splits for homes in the Mainline.

Ducts Aren’t Needed

Many of the older homes in the Mainline were built with no or really narrow wall cavities. Running ducts through these wall cavities is nearly impossible without some extensive remodeling. Ductless mini-split systems do not require ducts to function. The air is instead cooled by the compressor and blown directly into your home.

Multiple Air Handlers

Modern homes are usually designed with airflow in mind, but this was not a priority when historic Mainline homes were built. With more traditional HVAC systems, you therefore tend to get hot and cool spots. Mini-split systems address this challenge well. You can have multiple air handling units — one in each area or main wing of your home — which helps ensure your home cools evenly.


Because mini-split heat pump installation is quite straightforward, having one of these systems installed tends to be affordable. You don’t have to pay for someone to widen your walls or install large, expansive ducts. Plus, as long as you have an HVAC tune-up regularly, your system should last many years, saving you money on repairs and replacements.

Historic Preservation

It would be a shame to ruin the authenticity of your Mainline home with a big, intrusive HVAC system. Ductless mini-split equipment is small, unobtrusive, and easy to hide. You’ll only have several air handlers on your interior walls. Sometimes, an installer can even mount these air handlers flush with the ceiling, making them even less obvious amidst your historic decor.


Some Mainline homeowners rely on window units to cool their homes in the summer. These aren’t the most secure choice; they make it easier for someone to break in through the window. With ductless mini-split systems, you eliminate this risk.

Energy Efficiency

Historic homes weren’t typically built with energy efficiency in mind, which means the current owners of these homes can use all the energy savings they can get. Ductless mini-split systems waste less energy than traditional, ducted systems. There are fewer opportunities for air leaks.

If you own a historic home in the Mainline area, consider having a ductless mini-split system installed. These systems do a great job of keeping you cool in the summer without ruining your home’s authenticity. Most local heater repair companies work on them, and they’re becoming more popular by the day. If you’re looking for home HVAC repair, AC installation, and other HVAC services in Philadelphia, contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning soon.

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