Condensing Boilers – Advice by HVAC Experts in Media, PA

A condensing boiler is a unit that is common in Europe and is becoming a good option in many homes in North America. Boilers create flue gases which contain a high amount of water vapor. This can lead to lost efficiency when regular boilers are used in a home. There are various benefits that are available when installing condensing boilers in Media.

The Process

The way that high-efficiency condensing boilers work is they use the latent heat that is contained in the exhaust, which heats the incoming cold water. This is a type of heat transfer that results in very little heat being lost though the unit’s vent system. The process of reusing heat from the exhaust is achieved by reclaiming water when the temperature of the exhaust gases falls below the dew point.

There are two type of condensing boilers that can be used in a residential home. A unit may be used for heat-only and a combo-unit that can be used as an on-demand hot water heater. Both units have a closed-loop heating option for central heating. This means they are a good option for homeowners who want to make an energy-efficient update to their home.


1. These units are small and lightweight. They can be mounted on a wall to save floor space in the home.

2. A combo-unit will negate the need to have a separate unit for heating and for hot water. The use of this type of unit will save even more space in a home.

3. These gas boilers are easy to repair and will require minimal maintenance.

4. The size of the units means they can easily fit through doorways that are small.

5. The AFUE or annual fuel utilization efficiency of condensing boilers is about 96 percent. Basic gas boilers will generally be around 80 percent.

6. Condensing boilers can be installed in any type of residential home and even in a condo.

7. The prolonged life of these gas boilers is due to their low-maintenance design. This reduces chances of needing repair.

8. High-efficiency condensing boilers are simple for a professional to install and homeowners can often see reduced installation costs.

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