Did You Forget to Change Your Ceiling Fan Settings for Winter?

Did You Forget to Change Your Ceiling Fan Settings for WinterYou rely on your ceiling fan for comfort in the summer heat. However, you may fail to realize this summer staple can also keep you cozy in the winter, helping you make the most of your heating dollars. Heating companies know how changing the direction of your ceiling fan helps you keep your home comfortable and your energy bills under control in the cold winter months?

The Spin on Your Fan Blades

In the summer, the counterclockwise rotation of fan blades draws warm air up and pushes cool air down. In the winter, changing this rotation to clockwise has the opposite effect. When blades rotate in a clockwise direction, blades create an updraft, pulling cold air up and forcing warm air down. (Remember: heat rises.) This clockwise motion naturally keeps warm air down where you and your family can enjoy it, allowing you to drop the thermostat setting on the heating unit for your home without getting chilly.

Is Your Ceiling Fan Spinning the Right Direction?

  • Summer – counterclockwise
  • Winter – clockwise

How Do I Change My Ceiling Fan’s Direction?

It is fast and simple to adjust the direction of your ceiling fan blades:

  1. Turn off your fan.
    (This is a great time to clean off blades!)
  2. Locate the toggle switch the motor housing once the blades stop spinning. Simply flip it to the other side.
  3. Turn the fan back on. Your ceiling fan should now be spinning clockwise.

Does your fan have a remote control? You can likely skip the stepstool and the switch flipping in this case, as most remotes simply feature a button that allows for the adjustment of the blade direction.

Enjoy the Savings

With this simple adjustment, warm air will stay where you want it, preventing your furnace from kicking off and on as frequently, and allowing you to enjoy significant energy savings in the coldest months of the year. Uncover how much you can save on energy bills while remaining comfortable by adjusting thermostat settings with the help of your fan. You may be surprised at the results!

Set a Reminder

Don’t forget to set a reminder on your home or smartphone calendar to return your fan to counterclockwise rotation for the warmer spring and summer months! Ceiling fan use can reduce the need for constant cooling unit use, saving you up to 40% on summer cooling costs. The “wind chill effect” produced by a fan can make you feel 8-degrees coolers in occupied rooms where a fan is in use, allowing for significant thermostat setting adjustments.

Find new ways to cut energy costs this winter and stay warm. Learn more about today’s most efficient home heating solutions, such as a dual fuel system, from the local heating experts at  H & H Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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