Did you know a bad thermostat can ruin your HVAC?

Are you hanging on to your persnickety old thermostat because you’re trying to get your money’s worth? You could be doing harm toDid you know a bad thermostat can ruin your HVAC? your home heating system – and costing yourself more in the long run. Your thermostat is part of your HVAC system, not a separate component. When it’s not working right, it could lead you to believe you’re having heating system troubles when it’s really just your faulty thermostat. How can a bad thermostat ruin your HVAC?

Mis-calibrated Thermostats that Read the Wrong Temperature Impact Comfort

Miscalibrated thermostats that read the temperature in your home as either too hot or too cold can cause your heating system to turn off before your home reaches your preferred temperature or keep running long after it achieves the desired warmth. This may not mean you need a new thermostat. In many cases, an HVAC professional can recalibrate your thermostat to monitor the temperature correctly.

Poorly Located Thermostats Can’t Get a Good Read on the Actual Temperature

A thermostat located in direct sunlight, installed on exterior drafty walls, near appliances like stoves or in other inopportune locations won’t give an accurate reading of the actual temperature in your home. Thermostats must be properly located in the center of your home near a return register, away from windows, direct sunlight, and heat/cold producing appliances for proper function. Otherwise, your heating system will think it is hotter or colder than it is and turn on and off at the wrong times, creating an uncomfortable home environment.

Thermostats with Loose Wiring Cannot Power Essential Components

Most home thermostats have four wires: Two to turn the blower on and off, and two to turn the heater on and off. If these wires loosen with age or are damaged, the thermostat will no longer be able to control these essential parts of your home heater. If your system won’t stop running or fails to respond to changes to your thermostat settings, it could point to wiring troubles. Scheduling a timely assessment with your local heating repair company is strongly advised to prevent system damage.

Software Issues with Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats Can Cause System Malfunctions

Like your mobile device or home computer, smart Wi-Fi thermostats that run using software can malfunction or glitch. The manufacturer may be aware of these issues, offering troubleshooting advice via their user manual or website. However, if you can’t solve the problem by following these instructions and you’ve tried a system reboot (turning the thermostat off and back on again), you may need expert assistance.

Not Sure if Your Thermostat is Bad? Watch for these Signs

  • The thermostat has no power.
  • HVAC won’t turn on or constantly runs without stopping.
  • No temperature change after thermostat adjustment.
  • Setting and home temperature don’t match.

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