Did You Know? Early Fall is the Best Time for Gas Heating Maintenance

Did You Know? Early Fall is the Best Time for Gas Heating MaintenanceIt’s easy for time to get away from you, especially with the heavy workload you are hauling due to COVID. Scheduling maintenance for your gas heating system is no exception. However, winter weather will be here before you know it, and the last thing you want is to end up with a heating system that is down for the count during a winter storm in these uncertain times. Fall is the ideal time for gas heater maintenance, giving you ample opportunity to address any system issues before frigid winter weather arrives.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Regular maintenance offers many benefits, from reliable, efficient performance to quiet operation and safety. Routine preventative care at the start of the cold weather season ensures your system will run as smoothly as possible. An HVAC professional can check your gas furnace for issues you cannot, inspecting for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks, verifying wire conditions and electrical connections, and identifying worn parts and other mechanical issues that could cause your system to break down in winter weather extremes.

Verify the Condition of Your Gas Heating System

Test your gas heater now, making sure it starts up and shuts down as it should. This is the time of year when you’ll likely be switching between heating and air conditioning. It will also help you verify the conditioner of your system and its capacity to last the upcoming season. While you probably don’t relish the thought of replacing your gas heater, if you must, NOW is the time to address it, before subzero temperatures set in. If you stall and your system gives out in you, you’ll be in line behind everyone else who hoped their system would make it through “just one more” season.

Start Fresh with a Clean Air Filter

Don’t leave in that dirty, dusty filter from last season. Now it’s more important than ever to ensure clean, healthy air within your home. Swap out your old filter for a clean, new one. While you’re at it, talk to your local HVAC pro about things you can do to improve your home’s air quality, from upgrading your air filter to integrating a UV light air purifier or Air Scrubber to your HVAC system.

Reconsider Thermostat Settings

Reset your thermostat with cooler fall temperatures and energy usage in mind. Simplify the task with a programmable thermostat, reducing energy usage while you’re away so you’re not paying to heat an empty home. Change settings to a minimum temperature of 56 degrees F while you’re out, and you can achieve annual savings up to fifteen percent while still enjoying a warm, comfortable home.

Consider an Energy Audit

Consider an energy audit to identify air leaks and insulation issues that can impact system performance and home comfort.

Stay warm and healthy this winter. Make sure your gas heater is in tip-top shape with the help of H & H Heating & Air Conditioning. Schedule fall maintenance for your system today.

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