Do Air Conditioners Circulate Air From the Inside?

Where Does the Cool Air in My Home Come From?

Many mistakenly assume it is outside air that is cooled and circulated throughout the home. In reality, however, indoor air is recirculated. How does this occur? All air conditioning systems, such as Mitsubishi and Bryant heating and air conditioning units, remove hot air and inject cool air into your home in a similar way:

  • The compressor…
    The heart of your cooling system, the compressor circulates and pressurizes coolant. It is this pressurization, the turning of the refrigerant from liquid to gas, that lowers refrigerant to a cooler temperature. This process likewise lowers the temperature of the air surrounding it – air sourced from your air return. After it is cooled, this air is then recirculated back through your home. What gets all that air where it needs to go – and distributes it back into your home? You system’s fan and ductwork.
  • The condenser coil…
    After this process occurs, the condenser of your heating and cooling system transforms the once cool refrigerant gas back into a liquid. Working like a miniature radiator, the condenser also draws liquid out of air that passes through it, dehumidifying the air that is recirculated to your home to keep you more comfortable.
  • The evaporator coil…
    After the refrigerant leaves the condenser as a liquid, it enters the evaporator through a small hole. Pressure drops, and the liquid begins transforming to gas once again. At this point, the low-pressure gas is ready to make the trip back to the compressor. Once it returns, hot air will be passed over it once again, and the circuitous process repeated until the desired temperature, set by your thermostat, is achieved.

Still Not Sure Where the Air Comes From?
Hopefully, you change your air filter regularly. If you do, you know where your air return is located. This is where air from your home is collected before it is whisked away to be cooled and recirculated by the seemingly mystical combination of components and refrigerant described above. This is why changing your air filter is so important. Dirt from the filter can likewise soil system components – and the air you breathe – making it essential to stay on top of air filter maintenance. Without this simple maintenance, airflow is reduced, and system components become increasingly soiled. Eventually, this will result in the need for professional cleaning and maintenance. In extreme cases, this can also cause your system to overheat, putting excess strain on system components, which could become permanently damaged.

Air conditioning system in your home not quite cooling things off the way it used to? When was the last time you scheduled professional cleaning and maintenance services? Clear the air with the help of H & H Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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