Do you Keep your AC On or Off for Summer Vacation ?

Do you Keep your AC On or Off for Summer Vacation ?Now that the weather is warm and COVID restrictions have finally eased, you’re venturing out for a well-earned summer vacation. As you prepare your home for absence, how should you manage your air conditioner settings? Should you keep your AC on or off while you’re away?

Tips for Managing AC Settings While You’re Out of Town

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to leave your air conditioner on or off while you’re away.

  • Energy savings

If controlling your energy costs is your primary concern, turning your AC system off is the way to go, especially if you’ll be gone for more than a week.

  • Vacation length

However, if you’re only going away for the weekend, leaving the air conditioner on at a higher temperature setting may be best.

  • Weather

If temperatures will remain mild, it’s okay to turn the AC off. However, if scorching temperatures are forecasted, HVAC companies recommend keeping the AC on at a setting of 80 or lower to prevent excess heat and humidity from taking a toll on your home’s structure, cooling appliances, and contents.

There are many factors to consider that make turning the thermostat setting to a higher temperature while you’re away, a better option, which we’ll discuss below.

Avoid Putting Excess Strain On Your System By Leaving the AC On

When you’re on vacation, your local heating and cooling companies recommend that leaving your thermostat set at your normal comfortable temperature is wasteful and unnecessary. You can save energy, manage excess humidity, and return your house more easily to a more comfortable temperature when you return with a simple thermostat adjustment, setting the temperature 7-10 degrees higher when you’re away.

Avoid Stressing Yourself by Upgrading to a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are an easy way to manage temperature settings when you’re home or away. They allow you to set your system to the desired temperature at varying times, such as when you’re home or away at work. Smart Wi-Fi enabled thermostat models allow you to do this from anywhere via a compatible mobile device. But the biggest reason why HVAC pros recommend these nifty little devices is for energy savings. Using a smart programmable thermostat offers 15-30% savings off your annual cooling costs, delivering a rapid return on investment.

Additional Tips for Managing Your AC While On Vacation

  • Close the curtains before you leave to keep your home cooler and reduce strain on your system.
  • If you’re leaving for a week or more, turning your system off saves energy. To ensure comfort, set your programmable thermostat to cool your home the day before you return.
  • For the health and safety of your pets, never turn your system off if your animals will be staying home while you are away.

Is your AC system ready to manage your home alone while you’re away? Schedule a preventative air conditioner maintenance check from the local air conditioning contractors at H & H Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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