Extend the Life of your Heating Equipment with our Maintenance Agreements!

Maintenance matters! Prevention is always better than cure. Properly maintained heating systems costs less to operate, using 10-25% less energy than their neglected cousins, and have a longer lifespan. Regular maintenance also protects against unexpected mishaps and expenses that often occur when you’re most at need of warmth.

Look After Your Heater – and Your Budget – with a Maintenance Plan
Our Affordable Comfort Club Memberships will help you ensure system performance for years to come, protecting what is often the biggest investment you have in your home: Your heating or cooling system. And with H & H Heating & Air Conditioning’s exclusive maintenance plans – our Comfort Club Memberships – you can finally do it affordably, gaining access to amazing year-round savings.

Your Best Defense against Unexpected and Expensive Repairs
Establishing a schedule for regular professional maintenance twice per year, in the fall and again in the spring before you put your system through the rigors of maintaining your home through winter and summer temperature extremes, offers the best protection, ensuring…

  • Optimal refrigerant levels.
    Too much or too little can negatively affect system performance.
  • Your air filter is not restricting air flow.
    Using the wrong type of filter or forgetting to change your filter every 3 months at a minimum can force your system to work harder than it should, sabotaging comfort and efficiency.
  • Components are cleaned, lubricated, and in good working order.
    Proper cleaning of coils, blower components, and condensate drain, the lubrication of all moving parts, as well as connection, current, and voltage checks ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • Your system is operating properly.
    Observation of the thermostat in-use and system start, run, and shut-off cycles verify proper function.
  • Your ductwork is not leaking or damaged.
    20% of air in ducts can be lost due to leaks, holes, and poor connections, leading to high energy bills and an uncomfortable home.

Enjoy a Wide Range of Services
Following 6 months of membership*, and anytime thereafter, you can take advantage of priority repairs, complimentary tune-ups and diagnostics services, and exclusive deals and discounts. Ready to join but need service now? Sign-up and enjoy our services for a highly-reduced rate, later realizing full plan advantages. Choose from…

  • Club Membership Includes
      • Service guaranteed within 48 hours.
      • Free precision tune-up*.
      • 20% discount on repairs.
      • $19.95 diagnostic/system check.

Worried about Getting Your Money’s Worth?
Seasonal tune-ups often cost the same or more than a maintenance agreement. Add in an additional HVAC hiccup or two, and you’ll get more than your money’s worth. In addition to out-of-pocket savings on service and maintenance, you’ll also save on energy costs thanks to your system running at peak efficiency.

You and your heating equipment deserve a long, happy life together. Pledge to protect it with the help of a Comfort Club Membership. Contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning and start taking advantage of maintenance agreement benefits today.

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