Find the best Air conditioning units to cool your home.

When we think of the comfort and luxury of our homes, the humble air conditioning unit is quick to come to mind. With summer approaching, investing in the perfect air conditioner to cool your home can be a valuable investment. However, with the outpour of new technologies on display at your local HVAC provider, deciding which air conditioner to choose can be a tough decision. To assist you in finding a model that suits the needs of your lifestyle, here are the top tips you should consider prior to the purchase.

Sizing up

A decision that often daunts homeowners is deciding what size to choose.  Choosing the right sized air conditioner can be the distinguishing factor between a home that feels cool and comfortable and one with an uneven and inadequate air flow. When determining what size to purchase, you need to calculate the number of British Thermal Units (BTUs) required to cool your desired room effectively. To help you in making these calculations, hop onto the website for the United States Department of Energy which offers some valuable advice and guidelines. For instance, a good rule of thumb to apply is that on average an air conditioner requires 20 British Thermal Units for every square foot of space in the area you are looking to cool. Besides this, it is also important to incorporate factors such as the electrical capacity of your home and the climate of your local area when deciding on an air conditioner. Alternatively you can choose to discuss this with your local HVAC experts who will be able to direct you to the unit that’s best suited to your home.

What’s worth the buck?

As mentioned earlier, there is a constant influx of newer technology and features for us to choose from, so deciding which extras are the worth the money can be a confusing prospect. Here are the best features that can help you save a pretty penny in long term expenses.

  • A programmable thermostat in your unit can act as a great energy saving tool. It will allow the System to cut energy costs while also maintaining the comfort of your home.
  • Look for a unit that offers adjustable speed and fan settings. This feature allow you to customize your air conditioner to achieve optimum cooling and is extremely beneficial when you wish to circulate the air throughout large spaces.
  • As we all know, any major household technology requires consistent maintenance to work effectively. Hence, be on the lookout for air conditioning units with easily removable filters that can be cleaned and replaced without a hassle.

The savvy way to cooling

A few extra tips and tricks to crank up those savings !

  • An energy efficient unit can translate into huge savings on your monthly energy bill. To help identify the air conditioner that can guarantee you maximum savings, look out for the Energy Star logo.
  • Instead of waiting for summer to hit, invest in a quality air conditioner at the end of the summer to make use of off-peak sales and discounts.
  • Keep your home cooler using curtains and blinds and by keeping the doors and windows shut. This will allow the air conditioner to work less vigorously and on lesser energy.

Invest in quality

Choosing to commit to a reliable and trustworthy contractor means that your house is being fitted with quality products. HVAC experts such as H & H heating and air conditioning stock products from the most trusted names in the business including Bryant, Rheem, Lennox and Amana.

For all the information on the latest air conditioning units, contact H & H heating and cooling to discuss the best option for you.

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