Gas Boiler Maintenance Guide – Advice by HVAC Expert in Malvern

For most homeowners, proper maintenance and care of their heating units can be tricky. As the heating system is undoubtedly essential to maintaining a comfortable home environment, timely maintenance and care is extremely important. If your household boasts of a gas boiler but you find yourself ill-informed about how best to optimize its efficiency, we are here to provide you the best advice by the HVAC experts in Malvern.

Things to do yourself:

Caring for gas boilers may seem to some as an unnecessary hassle, but take our word for it that it can be immensely rewarding. Like any major appliance in your home, heating systems that are maintained regularly, work in a much more energy efficient manner. Here are the DIY measures you can take that will keep your gas boiler in perfect working order:

• Safety first- The safety of your home is the prime concern for most homeowners. When it comes to gas boilers, the same rule applies. A carbon monoxide leak can be the result of a poorly maintained boiler so for added peace of mind, install a carbon monoxide detector.

• Keep it clean- During the summer months, your boiler is probably not going to come in use often. However, cleaning it of any debris that may have accumulated in or around the boiler pump during this time can go a long way in keeping it in shape for winter.
Get some professional help:

Maintaining your boiler isn’t just limited to self-help and often requires the professional assistance of your trusted heating repair services company. Getting an annual boiler service can not only ensure that your gas boiler is working in the most efficient fashion but also prevent any existing minor issues from escalating into bigger problems. Similarly, while installing a carbon monoxide detector is a great preventative measure, an annual checkup by the experts will help in detecting problems which may cause inconvenience or danger to you and your family.When the HVAC technicians are performing the checkup, make sure that they are paying attention to the following-

• Checking heating units for any gas leaks.
• Checking the gas pressure to make sure the machine is working safely   and effectively.
• Ensuring all the components of the gas boiler are in perfect working       condition.
• Testing the flue to prevent carbon monoxide leaks.

Additionally, make sure the technicians you hire offer reliable and trustworthy service, carry EPA cards and NATE certification and are polite and courteous. Similarly, before investing in a heating repair services company it is important to check their BBB rating and look out for online customer feedbacks and reviews as this can ensure you opt for a provider that can be trusted in the privacy of your home.

How to look out for a problem:

While getting heating systems serviced annually is a good rule of thumb to apply, it is also important to look out for any signs that your unit requires additional help. To help you in identifying these symptoms here are the most common problems associated with gas boilers:

• Boiler is having difficulty igniting or is not igniting at all.
• Heating unit is emitting strange noises during its operation.
• Thermostat not operating resulting in misread temperature settings.
• Condensate pipe has frozen due to extremely cold temperatures.

If your gas boiler is showing one or more of these signs, be sure to contact your trusted heating services provider and organize a technician to take a look at your unit.

For more tips on how to maintain your gas boiler, contact H & H Heating and Air conditioning, the HVAC experts in Malvern.

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