Getting Your Air Conditioning System Ready For This Summer

The summer months can be tough on your air conditioner and even harder on you, if your unit isn’t running smoothly. A great way to make sure your air conditioning units are ready for those long hot summer months is to give it a thorough check up. This will keep your unit running at peak performance all summer long and keep your family cool.

Check and Replace your filters

One of the simplest actions one can take to ensure their air conditioning system is in good health, is to change out the filter. Although, you should change your filter every month, during the summer months it’s especially important. Having a dirty filter will cause your AC unit to work harder to cool your home and this will raise your power bill quite drastically. Also, changing the filter will ensure that your family has clean allergy free air to breathe.

Proper Flow in the Duct System

Another great idea is to look over the ductwork that delivers the air each room. Often times, your duct system will be in the attic or under your home and sometimes pests such as rats or squirrels can chew holes in the duct. Having air leaking into areas of the home that doesn’t need cooling just doesn’t make sense, and can also drive your electric bill through the roof. A quick check of your ducts can save you hundreds of dollars.

Make Sure Your Condensate Drain is Emptying Properly

One of the side effects of cooling hot air is condensation. Your air conditioning unit deals with condensation by allowing it to collect in a pan and then slowly drain by the force of gravity to the outside of your home. This condensation system can be checked by looking at the drain located on the exterior of your home. If the unit is running, you should see a small amount of water trickling out.

Hire a Professional Service

To ensure that your entire unit is working at 100% capacity, hiring a professional air conditioning services company to inspect it for summer use is your best bet. Often times, you can find a comprehensive inspection plan being offered at really good rates. The cost savings you will have on future breakdowns by getting professional tune-ups and making sure your unit is working efficiently will pay for itself over the long run.

Many times, proper air conditioning repair can’t be conducted by a homeowner and this is when a professional should be called. Problems such as low Freon levels have to be checked by someone who is certified by the state. So, if you have a unit that needs to be inspected or maybe even a repair, why not do it now before those hot summer days set in?

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