Heating HVAC systems in Wayne – Protect you from Sub-zero Chill this winter.

With the weather reaching record breaking lows this winter season, residents in Wayne have all but one thought occupying their mind, how to protect yourself from the sub-zero chill this winter. Getting your home hooked with an efficient and effective heating HVAC system goes a long way when protecting the comforts of your household. However, this decision can become all the more confusing for homeowners due to the various alternatives available to us. So to save you from having to compromise on comfort, here is a guide on how to arm yourself against the bitter chill this winter season.

Types of heating HVAC systems:

In making sure that your home is perfectly prepared for those icy temperatures, it is important to begin with basics. When deciding which type of heating system to opt for, it is essential you explore all the options to ensure that the unit is working in harmony with your lifestyle.

Furnaces: Perhaps one of the most common types of home heating systems in Wayne, residents can opt for a furnace system as it is both efficient and economically viable. Furnaces range from natural gas based, to propane, oil as well as electricity.

Boilers: A boiler system employs the use of heated water to warm the house using pipes to dispense the created heat. Like furnaces, boilers can also be run on a variety of fuels. An advantage however is that while furnaces can allow pollutants to enter the home due to its use of hot air, boilers prevent this and provide better indoor air quality, making this the choice for individuals prone to asthma or allergies.

Heat pumps: Heating pumps make use of existing hot air surrounding the pump to warm your home, transferring it indoors to hike up the temperatures. Whilst this may be the ideal solution for residents living in warmer areas, homeowners in Wayne may find this system to be mediocre due to its relatively poor efficiency in consistently chilly climates. This discrepancy comes down to the fact that with lesser heat in the air surrounding the pump, the unit has to work much more vigorously to transfer air into the home.

Maintaining your heating system:

Once you have decided what type of heating system works for your household, the question remains on how you should go about the maintenance of your heating systems in Wayne. It is important to make sure that your system is working to the best of its capabilities especially during a season like this with extremely cold temperatures.  Here are some tips you can follow to make sure your trusted unit is working effectively by your side through tough winter weather.

  • Cleaning the filters of your heating system regularly is an excellent way of preventing allergens and pollutants from lingering in the air.However to go the extra mile, replace your filters once a month.
  • Clean the furnace thoroughly and regularly to help improve the efficiency of your heating system. A cleaner machine will require a lot less energy to function leading to savings on your next bill !
  • Call in the team from your local heating repair services in Wayne for an annual inspection to make sure the machine is working in its perfect condition.
  • The most important time to look after your machine is prior to its peak period of use. Clean and inspect your machine thoroughly before winter hits to avoid any discomfort during peak winter.

Common problems that can occur in your heating HVAC system:

The most common issues with your HVAC systems that can hinder the comfort of your household include:

  • Clogged filters: Neglecting to clean or replace your system’s filters can lead to them getting clogged. This issue can cause poor air flow resulting in very high energy bills as the unit has to work a lot harder in order to cope with the obstruction.
  • Thermostat acting up: The thermostat is a crucial aspect of your heating system and needs to be in perfect working condition for the entire unit work to effectively. However, the thermostat is also one of the most common problem areas when it comes to heating systems. Contact your local heating repair services in Wayne to get it sorted out in no time.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Carbon Monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas due to its odorless, colorless and tasteless state. As it is extremely difficult to detect, installing a carbon monoxide detector will give you the added peace of mind that your family’s wellbeing is protected.

For more information on how to look after your home this winter season, contact H & H heating and air conditioning and speak to their friendly staff on the latest in heating technology.

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