Here’s How to Find your Optimal Sleep Temperature

Here's How to Find your Optimal Sleep TemperatureAre you experiencing trouble sleeping or waking up feeling exhausted? It may be the temperature in your home. The temperature in your room affects more than comfort, impacting the quality of REM sleep. Trouble falling asleep, night sweats, frequent waking, and poor-quality sleep may be the result of your current thermostat setting. With a simple temperature adjustment, you could be sleeping like a baby. When it comes to thermostat settings, how do you find the magic number for a quality night’s sleep?

Tips for Determining Your Ideal Sleep Temperature

According to experts, the optimal temperature range for sleep falls between 60-72 degrees. Why such a wide range? As you probably know from refereeing the frequent thermostat adjustments of warring family members, everyone’s ideal home climate is different. Air conditioning companies recommend starting in the range of 65-70 degrees and adjusting from there.

  • Signs the temperature is too hot

If your room feels stuffy, making you uncomfortable and restless so that you struggle to fall asleep, or if you wake up sweating, a cooler setting may be in order.

  • Signs the temperature is too cold

Though a comfortably cool room is better than a slightly warm one for achieving a good night’s sleep, shivering or waking up with freezing feet indicates a temperature setting that is too cold.

Easiest Ways to Adjust AC Temperature When You Sleep

Rather than getting up and down constantly and fiddling with thermostat settings, the best HVAC repair companies recommend considering one of these smart home additions:

  • Smart programmable thermostat

Smart home thermostats automatically adjust your central HVAC system to your preferred temperature settings each evening, so you never have to get out of bed to adjust settings. They provide significant energy savings while improving home comfort, conserving energy throughout the day when you are away from your home. Learn more about this surprisingly affordable technology, finding the best smart thermostat solution for your home.

  • Smart AC controller

Smart AC controllers work with existing home automation technologies and air conditioning system styles that operate via a remote, such as Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems. They simulate remote control signals, allowing you to adjust the settings on your air conditioner conveniently from an app on your mobile device or smartphone.

Family Thermostat Wars? Consider a Zoned AC System

If quarrels over preferred thermostat settings are keeping you up at night, consider zoning for better temperature control. With a zoned system, you can set different temperatures for each specific area of your home. Zoned setups not only improve comfort, they also offer significant energy savings, allowing you to adjust the temperature in unoccupied spaces to reduce the load on your air conditioner without sacrificing comfort.

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