Home Heating Systems for Residents of Ardmore, PA

There are many types of heating systems that are available for a residential home that is being built and also for a home that is being updated. Heating options will include geothermal, forced air, and radiant heat. Each of these options can meet the heating needs of a residential home. One important aspect of heating systems in Ardmore is the available features, such as Ducts.


The ducts in a home will be installed in the walls, the ceiling, and under the floor. This means adding a set of ducts to an existing home may be difficult. Consult with an HVAC specialist to see the options to use in a home. Another aspect to keep in mind is the use of air filters to make sure the quality of the indoor air will not be compromised. A professional HVAC technician needs to offer the choice of heating systems that will work for a new or existing home in Ardmore.

Forced Air

This is the most common option for heating and cooling a typical home. A standard furnace is installed in a home that will use fuel that includes natural gas, fuel oil, and even electricity. The heat will then be forced into the ducts in a home by a fan that is attached to the unit. Most homes will have a system that is known as central heating. A furnace can also have an air conditioning unit attached. The heat coming from these heating systems will be controlled by a thermostat.


One of the best options for efficiently heating and cooling a home is a geothermal heat pump. They are a type of system that will use the heat of the earth to regulate the temperature in a home. One aspect of geothermal heating and cooling in Ardmore is the need for a source of water. This will be well used at a residential home. Geothermal heating systems do not require the use of fuel like any regular furnace. They only require electricity to power a fan and other components.

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