How Does a Furnace Humidifier Work?

How Does a Furnace Humidifier Work?Is your furnace missing essential home comfort equipment? Furnace mount humidifier installation in Chaddsford can protect your family and home from the extreme dryness winter weather brings. These conditions surprisingly make your home feel colder, as well as impact your health and the structure and contents of your home. Why do you need a humidifier for comfort if your furnace heats the air in your home?

Proper Humidity Levels Make Your Home Feel Warmer

With the right amount of humidity in the air (35-55%), your home will feel warmer and more comfortable.

Proper Humidity Levels Ensure the Health of Your Family & Home

There are many signs you need a humidifier. You will know you can benefit from humidifier use when you notice static electricity issues in your home. Left unaddressed, these dry conditions can cause skin and lips to dry and crack, predisposing you to infection and illness. They can also increase airborne dust and worsen asthma/allergy symptoms. Your home structure and furnishings can also dry, crack, and split.

How a Furnace Humidifier Works

Furnace humidifiers connect with a water source and mount to the hot air supply of your furnace, distributing moisture via system ductwork. Furnace humidifiers work in tandem with your furnace or heating unit, turning on/off based on your chosen humidistat/thermostat settings, typically when the relative humidity drops below 30-50%. When in-use, they produce moisture, infusing it with furnace-heated air.

When your system is in heat mode, simply engage your humidifier by adjusting humidistat dial settings. Turn until you hear a click to determine current humidity levels in your home, changing settings accordingly. If your heating system has a bypass damper, make sure the damper is in ‘open’ or ‘winter’ position and parallel to the duct. If you see water draining from the humidifier while your system is running, your humidifier is in operation.

Types of Humidifiers

  • Steam
    Steam humidifiers are the most efficient style and also require the least maintenance, however, this comes at a higher initial cost. They self-generate steam, boiling water on-demand, and injecting steam into the heated air from your furnace.
  • Flow-Through
    Moderately priced flow-through humidifiers are more reliable than reservoir systems and require less maintenance. They rely on water tapped into the system from an existing water pipe, which drips across a specially coated screen. The furnace blower induces evaporation while the system is running, distributing moisture through your home.
  • Reservoir
    Reservoir systems use a rotating drum of water to create moisture. They are inexpensive, but the least efficient furnace humidifier style. Because they remain full of water, they are also prone to mold issues, requiring more frequent disinfection maintenance.

A Whole House Humidifier is an Affordable Addition

A whole house humidifier , added to your furnace, uses a nominal amount of energy, adding and distributing moisture via evaporation, and allowing you to operate your system at a lower thermostat setting, saving energy and money.

Ensure comfort, health, and energy savings with a furnace humidifier. Contact your local air conditioning service company to learn more today.


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