How Ductless Mini-Splits Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

air conditioning - H & H Heating And Air Conditioning Inc. - EssingtonIndoor air quality is vitally important. Having clean indoor air reduces your risk of allergy symptoms, prevents you from having to clean as often, and makes your home more comfortable overall. There are many ways to improve indoor air quality, from upgrading your filter to installing a dehumidifier. Adding a ductless mini split system can help, too.

Multi-Zone Control

With a ductless mini split system, you can separately control the temperature of different zones within your home. In the summer, this comes in really handy for air conditioning. If one part of your home tends to be more hot and humid, the system can work to remove heat and humidity from that space without over-dehumidifying the other zones. As a result, you get more even humidity levels throughout your home, which results in fewer issues with mold and helps improve indoor air quality, overall.

Fewer Places for Dust to Settle

When you have a standard, ducted HVAC system, a lot of dust and grime tend to accumulate in the ducts. When you turn on the heat or AC, this dust becomes scattered through your home, which will reduce your air quality. With a ductless system, there are no ducts that can hold onto dust. So, the air that blows out into your home tends to be cleaner and more free from contaminants. You don’t have to pay for duct cleaning to keep your home clean and sanitary, either.

UV Treatment

If you want to make your air even cleaner, you can have a UV air purifier installed after the ductless mini split unit. UV lights are excellent for killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in your air. UV air purifiers and ductless mini splits are quite compatible. Your AC company can help you choose a compatible UV purifier and can install it for you, often during or right after your appointment for ductless mini split installation.

By improving air quality, UV air purifiers installed in conjunction with a ductless mini split system can help ease skin problems, reduce throat and nose irritation, and support overall health.

If you need a new HVAC system and air quality is a concern, it’s worth considering ductless mini splits. They work well in homes without duct work, and they’re quite non-invasive to install.

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