How to Cool your House if your AC breaks down

How to Cool your House if your AC breaks downAir conditioner on the fritz? While you’re waiting on emergency AC repair, keep calm and carry on with these 6 ways to quickly cool your home if your AC breaks down…

  1. Flip on the Fan
    First things first, flip on the fan while Googling air conditioning companies in your area. The whirl of a fan is one of the most convenient and effective ways to keep cool when your AC is out of commission. The wind chill effect of the fan will make you feel up to 4-degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. Since fans cool the room – not people – be sure to turn off the fan when you leave the room to conserve energy. If your AC is still out when the sun goes down, place fans in the windows of your home to pull cool air in from outside. Have an attic fan? Engaging it in the evening can help keep your home cool. In the morning, turn off the attic fan and close windows to trap cool air inside.
  2. Take a Splash
    Have a pool? Go for a dip. No pool? Place damp, cool towel on your neck, or grab a piece of water-friendly lawn furniture and give your clothes a rinse, donning damp clothes beneath your fan.
  3. Grab a Glass
    Make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water, as you’ll sweat more as temperatures rise.
  4. Add Ice
    Place a big block or bag of ice on a baking sheet or in a casserole dish or large bowl. The cooling effect of the ice may help keep the temperature in the room more comfortable until the air conditioning service contractors arrive to perform repairs.
  5. Pull the Shades
    Draw shades and blinds to reduce heat and sunlight infiltrating your home from outside, especially in south and west-facing rooms, which suffer the worst sun and heat exposure. Thick curtains with a white reflective backing are best.
  6. Put a Hold on Heat Generating Appliances
    Reduce interior heat gain by avoiding the use of your stove/oven, dishwasher, dryer, and other heat generating appliances. If your air conditioner is out, use an outdoor grill instead, or cook food in the microwave. Wait until after dark if you must use these appliances if at all possible.

Repairs Becoming a Regular Occurrence?

Limping heating and AC units 8-10-years old (or older) through summer after summer may end up costing you more in repair costs and high energy bills than it would to simply upgrade your system over the long-run. Talk to your area HVAC provider about scheduling a free AC installation quote and rebates and incentive available in your area toward upgrading to a more efficient system. Remember, heating and cooling comprises around 50% of your total energy bill, consuming the most energy in the home.

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