HVAC Company providing Heating Services in Philadelphia Suburbs: Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Nothing in your house affects your home comfort – or energy bills – more than your heating and cooling system, making the inclusion of a trusted, professional, local HVAC company an essential component of your family’s ICE (in-case-of-emergency) contact list…

How do we make sure that our customers get the best service possible?

  • HVAC CompanyKnowledge
    Heating services knowledge is not only essential to the quality of repairs and installation but to the safety of your family. we ensure this essential knowledge through the ongoing training of our heating technicians in continually changing information and technology, ensuring a thorough understanding of heating essentials, including the combustion process (flue gases, pressurization, and back drafting) and how it relates to carbon monoxide safety; air flow (ventilation and duct system dynamics); home performance (heat loss, sealing, insulation and leakage); and more.

  • Friendly service
    We have professional, yet friendly service technicians who strive for a long-term customer contractor relationship by ensuring customer satisfaction. We foster this through the hiring of the right employees: Those with not only knowledge but a friendly demeanor and empathetic personality, capable of delivering technical information in an easily understandable way – and compassionately relaying bad news and workable options when the situation calls for it.
  • An eye for details
    Such as the fact that your front lawn is your pride and joy (ie: don’t walk on it), your home is spotless (lose the shoes or don some shoe covers), you work from home (keep it down to a dull roar) or you’re easily startled (knock before entering, please).
  • Straightforward, Fair pricing
    Fair pricing ensures our ability to hire well-trained technicians with an attractive benefits package, as well as top-quality material and repairs, giving us the ability to provide you with the reliable warranty you were promised. Because, as the saying goes: ‘You get what you pay for’, and cutting prices by cutting corners is never a wise investment when it comes to your heating system.
  • Emergency service
    We not only respect your time by arriving on-time, but provide 24 hour hvac service and the staff necessary to provide fast hvac system repair even during the busiest, extreme weather situations.
  • Financing
    Even with cost effective pricing, we understand that repair and replacement expenses can strain your budget, and so we offer affordable financing as a more flexible way to pay for those unexpected costs.

Looking for local heating and ac companies that are 100% sure of your satisfaction? At H & H Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re so sure of our customer service and repair quality, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a robust warranty on all work completed, giving you the peace of mind you want on your HVAC investment. Contact us today.

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