HVAC Contractor’s Guide for your New Heating System this New Year.

Will 2022 be the year you finally invest in a new heating unit for your houHVAC Contractor's Guide for your New Heating System this New Year.se? If you’ve noticed the performance of your current system declining this past winter, it may be time to explore your heating system options for the new year. There are many different heating systems to choose from to replace your existing unit. This glut of choices can be overwhelming for some, but the myriad of system styles can help you find the system that is best suited to your home, lifestyle, and budget. Rest assured, no matter what option you choose, it will be much more efficient and technologically advanced than your ailing heater.

Tips for Choosing the Right System

With the guidance of your helpful local air conditioning contractors, you can learn more about the latest system styles and advancements, identify tax rebates and incentives for energy efficiency improvements to your home, and learn more about maintenance agreements and warranties to put your mind at ease. Talk to your local HVAC contractor about the benefits of today’s latest heating options:

  • Heat Pumps
    Versatile and efficient, heat pumps offer heating and cooling for your home. As their name implies, they transfer heat as oppose to producing it, providing energy-efficient comfort and performance.
  • Gas Furnaces
    Natural gas heating systems offer powerful heating, creating original heat through the combustion of gas. If natural gas is less expensive than electricity in your area, a gas furnace may be your most efficient and cost-effective heating option.
  • Oil Furnaces
    Like gas furnaces, oil furnaces produce heat. However, these can take up more space and create more pollutants than gas heating options.
  • Dual Fuel Furnace
    Dual fuel systems offer cooling and heating, combining the best of features of a heat pump and a gas furnace into one highly-efficient, multifunctional system.
  • Electric Heating
    Like space heaters, electric furnaces use electricity to create heat through controlled resistance. However, they often cost more to operate than heat pumps and natural gas heating units.
  • Boilers
    If your home currently has a boiler, replacing it with a high-efficiency condensing boiler is a wise investment. This new, extremely efficient technology adjusts based on outdoor conditions, offering Energy Star compliant performance and savings.
  • Radiant Floor Heating
    If you’re tired of walking on chilly flooring and sitting on frigid furnishings, radiant floor heating may be just what you’ve been looking floor. These systems distribute heat more evenly throughout your home, using convection to warm the air and all surrounding surfaces. Clean and noiseless, they offer efficient warmth and excellent long-term savings.

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