HVAC Unit Replacement: What to Expect?

HVAC Installation in WallingfordHVAC equipment does not last forever. At some point, your unit will need to be replaced. This is not a DIY job, but luckily, HVAC contractors can do the replacement for you, installing the new unit in a way that ensures it will work as efficiently as possible. Still, it’s nice to know what to expect when you schedule an HVAC system replacement. Here are some common questions homeowners often have about this process – and their answers.

What happens to the old unit?

In most cases, your heating technician will take the old furnace or air conditioner with them after they remove it from your home. Most companies recycle these units. Sometimes they may return the unit to the manufacturer, who will recycle all or most of the materials.

Do you have to get the same type of HVAC unit?

Not necessarily. If there is a good reason to switch systems, your HVAC contractor can take that approach. For example, if you have an electric furnace, you may want to replace it with a dual-fuel heat pump for greater efficiency. Or, if you have an old oil furnace, this may be a good time to switch to natural gas. Some swaps are easy, and others take more work. It depends on the layout of your home and your budget. Talk through your options with a knowledgeable HVAC contractor, and decide what’s right for you.

Will they replace the ductwork?

Usually, the ductwork is not replaced when a furnace is replaced. This is because duct work lasts a lot longer than the average furnace and does not typically need to be touched. However, your contractor may replace some or all of the ductwork if there are signs of damage, or if they install your new HVAC equipment in a different location.

How long does it take?

Homeowners are often surprised by how quickly local HVAC contractors can do a replacement. They can sometimes complete simple jobs – that don’t involve moving the unit – within a single day. It’s rare for a replacement to take more than two days. It will usually only take three days or longer if you’re having extensive work done on the ducts.

Should you replace the thermostat?

If you have an old, dial-style thermostat, then you should absolutely have it replaced along with your HVAC unit. New, programmable and WiFi thermostats are so much more precise and help you save money on energy. If your thermostat is newer and you’re happy with it, then there’s usually no need to replace it. However, you may need an upgraded thermostat if your HVAC contractor is adding specialized equipment, like a dehumidifier, to your HVAC system.

Hopefully, this article has answered some of the questions you have about HVAC replacement. If your unit is more than 10 – 12 years old, it is time to start planning for this service. Contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning for dependable HVAC replacement, home HVAC repair, and related services in Pennsylvania.

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