How To Improve Air Quality By Cleaning Ducts

If like most of us out there, you are struggling to battle a busy schedule and an overflowing to-do list, it is more than likely that you may not notice the invisible enemy lurking about your home. With numerous tasks to check off our cork-boards on a daily basis and not nearly enough hours in the day, it is no surprise that most homeowners do not recognize a problem until it is visible to the eye. The issue here is that indoor air pollutants such as dust mites, mildew, animal dander, and smoke can be a constant hindrance to the well-being of your family without any visible indications. The circulation of such pollutants however is extremely harmful especially to those suffering from asthma and allergies.

Fear not, your household bliss can be returned with just a simple step in the right direction and it is as straightforward as air duct cleaning! Regular air duct cleaning offers an array of benefits such as extending the life of your heating and cooling system as well as reducing the risk of allergies and other health issues. Duct cleaning services are available in a wide variety and offer an affordable way of maintaining your air conditioning system.

Health Comes First

Air ducts can often suffer from blockages and clogging which severely deteriorate the quality of air in your home and this can be especially damaging during cooler months when a great amount of time is spent indoors thus exposing you to harmful airborne contaminants. Such contaminants include debris and animal dander which are all exceptionally aggravating to individuals suffering from asthma. Inadequate servicing can also lead to a growth of mold which becomes airborne thus posing a threat to the welfare of your home. To eliminate such pollutants, most air duct cleaners employ the use of a vacuum or in some cases a brush to suck in the dust from the surfaces of the ducts. Consistent professional servicing and cleaning can lead to a rapid and noticeable difference in the air quality allowing you and your family to rest assured.

A New Lease on Life

Regular maintenance is a key aspect of looking after your heating and cooling system and so booking in a professional duct cleaning service gives your HVAC system a fresh new lease on life. With unkempt air ducts, since the airflow is limited, your air conditioner is unable to work efficiently and thus consumes much more energy to function. While the savings may seem minimal initially, years of poorly functioning air conditioners can add up to a fair amount of money in overtime. For those looking for indications on when it is time to contact your local duct cleaning specialist, a burning smell upon start-up or witnessing your heating system emanating odd noises is a good indicator of dusty ducts.

Go the Extra Mile

For those of you wanting that added peace of mind for the future, go the extra mile and ask your consultant about carbon monoxide testing alongside the air cleaners. Carbon monoxide is an air pollutant that can stem from the use of gas heaters and can lead to nausea, mild to severe headaches, and tiredness amongst other health issues. However, in the bid to find the perfect solution to your air condition dilemmas, do not pursue the option of hiring a general handyman for doing the job as this is likely to do more damage than good. Stick with a company you trust and are professionals in the field of home duct cleaning as well as being equipped with suitable equipment and tools. Lastly, to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, check that the air cleaning service company thoroughly cleans the heating fan, each individual duct as well as the return air grill and filter of your HVAC system, completing the process by thoroughly sanitizing the entire duct structure.

For all of your heating and cooling-related dilemmas as well as the latest in air cleaners contact H & H Heating and Air conditioning and speak to one of our friendly staff members who will guide you in finding a solution best suited to the needs of you and your home.

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