Installing a Furnace Mounted Humidifier. Is it Worth it?

Dry winter air taking a toll on your skin, or causing you to zap loved ones on-contact? Your home needs a humidity boost. Ensuring the right relative humidity in your home safeguards not only your health, but essential home items and structural components.

furnace mounted humidifier

Most Homes Across the Country Could Benefit from a Humidifier
Whole house humidifiers are becoming increasingly common in homes. A whole house humidifier, such as the Aprilaire line of humidifiers, can safeguard your family’s health, improve comfort, boost energy-efficiency, and help you preserve your home. Affordably integrated into your home’s furnace equipment, such as furnace humidifiers, whole house humidifiers can also be easily added to home heating and cooling units of other varieties. Could a whole house humidifier be a worthy addition to your home?

The Benefits of Furnace Humidifiers are Numerous…

  • Safeguarding Health
    Humidifiers prevent dry skin, lips and nasal passages. Left to crack and bleed, such injuries allow bacteria and viruses easier access into the body. They also help deter the spread of viruses, which thrive and more easily distribute in dry indoor environments.
  • Helping Guard Against Asthma & Allergies
    Because proper levels of humidity significantly reduce the amount of dust hanging in the air, humidifiers are a great friend to those with asthma and allergy issues, and are regularly recommended by asthma and allergy doctors for their capacity to reduce nasal stuffiness and asthma and allergy flare-ups.
  • Reducing Snoring
    From dry, inflamed nasal passages.
  • Eliminating Annoying Static Electricity
    No more zapping your significant other or kids with static electricity strikes.
  • Protecting Furniture & Essential Structural Home Components
    Over time, dry indoor air can take its toll on woodwork in the home, from furniture and cabinetry, to the structural components of the floors, walls, and roof, causing cracking, splitting and warping of wood panels and framing that are detrimental to structural stability.
  • Saving Energy
    Because humid air feels warmer than it actually is, adding a humidifier can make your home feel more comfortable during winter. With proper relative humidity levels, you can reduce energy costs, turning down your thermostat a few degrees while still remaining warm. Turning down your thermostat just 3 degrees could save you as much as 5% on your energy bills, helping you earn a rapid return on investment on your affordable whole house humidifier investment.
  • Adding Value
    As families and businesses nationwide seek to improve health with more effective indoor air quality systems, whole house humidifiers make a welcome addition, adding value to your HVAC system, and your home.

Ensuring Humidifier Success
The key to success and happiness in your furnace humidifier investment lies in proper sizing and installation. HVAC technicians in-the-know understand undersized humidifier units will offer little to no benefits to residents. Humidifiers must be properly sized like a furnace or air conditioning system to ensure the proper level of humidity can be achieved at all times, allowing for ‘set-it and forget-it’ operation outside of necessary humidifier maintenance.

Turn the home into the oasis it was meant to be. For furnace mount humidifier installation in Chaddsford, Villanova, and surrounding areas, contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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