Installing Radiant Floor heating in Chadds Ford Luxurious comfort and energy efficiency

Escaping the bitter chill of winter through the comforts of your home is an ideal scenario for most ChaddsFord homeowners. However, when the icy weather comes crawling into your home forcing you to walk on cold floor boards or tiles, many look into installing radiant floor heating as a solution to this dilemma.  Installing a radiant floor heating system in your home not only adds to the luxury and comfort but can be a great tool for energy efficiency. To help you in deciding if radiant floor heating is the best option for you and your family, we have compiled a list of all the information you need to before making that all important decision.

Types of radiant floor heating

Investing in a floor heating system can be a big decision for many households and so prior to committing yourself to a service, be sure to acquaint yourself this technology by talking to a trusted radiant floor heating installer. As with any form of machinery there are a host of complicated details involved but to break it down, a floor heating system radiates heat through the floor’s surface which makes it different from traditional forms of heating through the air. These heating systems are available in two main models, electric and hydronic and while both achieve excellent results, choosing the type that is right for your home is ideal if you wish to make optimum use of your radiant floor heater.

Electric floor heating

As the name suggests, an electrical radiant system uses a number of heating cables which are installed under the surface to conduct heat via the surface floor. The cables used here are thin and don’t effect the level of flooring making an electrical system ideal for those considering re-modelling an existing area. Similarly, the installation process is fairly easy and comes with minimal labor costs which make this ideal for families looking for low installation costs. However, it is important to realize that while this option is evidently cost effective to install, the operation costs are much dearer and this system is certainly not suitable as the main source of heating in your home. Therefore, keeping in mind both pros and cons, the electrical radiant floor heating system is best suited to smaller areas that require controlled heating which can easily be adjusted to cater to the needs of your lifestyle.


An alternative to consider when looking into radiant floor heating systems is the hydronic system which operates using hot water as opposed to electricity. This option conducts heat all year round through underground tubes which carry heated water and radiate warmth from the surface of your home. Although much more expensive to install due to its complex structure, a hydronic system is evidently more cost efficient  in the long run as it functions on minimum maintenance costs. Moreover, while the electrical system is best used when re-modelling smaller areas, the hydronic system is great if you wish for a consistently comfortable temperature for the entirety of your home. Another great benefit of installing a hydronic heating system is that upon reaching a comfortable temperature, the system requires extremely low energy to maintain the warmth, resulting in big savings in the long run. Although this option is not as easy to customize according to the needs of your home, it is certainly one of the best heating systems available on the market.

Why you may need a helping hand

Given the complex nature of installing a floor heating system, it is best to contact your local radiant floor heating installers to do the job. While DIY jobs can often seem to be the most economical option in the short term, hiring a professional is a guaranteed way of ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your system. H & H heating and cooling are one of the best radiant floor heating installers serving Chadds Ford and offer reliable service as well as valuable information which only come with years of experience.

So if you are considering a radiant floor heating system for your home, give them a call and find out how you can guarantee savings as well as comfort you and your family.

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