Its Spring! What you Need to do to Make sure your AC is Running Trouble Free

Those cool, comfy spring temperatures won’t last forever. Now’s the time to give your AC system the TLC it deserves before temperatures start rising. This spring cleaning task will pay back more in comfort and monetary savings than any other chore on your list, ensuring trouble-free summertime operation, lower cooling bills, and extended system life.

Spring ac maintenance by H & H

Ensure a Cool Summer by Adding Spring AC Tune Up to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your AC system needs regular attention to ensure it’s operating at the highest efficiency.

  1. Shut Off Power
    Prevent electrical and machinery dangers by turning off power to your unit at the exterior shut-off box near the unit, and the breaker box.
  2. Change Your Air Filter
    Air filters should be replaced regularly – every 3 months max – but preferably monthly, unless you’ve been instructed otherwise by your HVAC professional due to your HEPA-style filter. Dirty filters increase energy costs and shorten the lifespan of your system. Be sure to replace your filter with one of the same airflow rating, or the reduced airflow could result in system issues. If you’d like to upgrade to a better filter, consult an HVAC pro in advance so they can make the necessary adjustments to accommodate filter-related airflow changes.
  3. Remove Debris
    With a soft broom or the help of a wet/dry vac, remove debris such as leaves, grass, and trash that is stuck on the fan cage. Be sure to clear/weed the area 2 feet in all directions of the system to ensure proper airflow to the unit.
  4. Clean Fins
    Using a strong stream from a garden hose, wash away built-up dirt and debris between fins. (NEVER use a pressure washer, it can damage fins.)
  5. Turn the Power Back On
    You’ve done a great job so far, but there’s still one more thing left to do…
  6. Schedule Professional Maintenance
    AC professionals can quickly and easily handle spring maintenance tasks you cannot, including…

    • Ensuring adequate coolant levels (too much or too little can adversely affect system operation).
    • Verifying proper thermostat function and proper, safe system operation.
    • Cleaning condenser coils, a major factor in heating and cooling system wear-and-tear and increased energy costs.
    • Inspecting and adjusting blower components to ensure proper airflow, system efficiency and maximum comfort.
    • Inspecting evaporator coil
    • Checking electrical connections and adding necessary lubrication to moving parts.
    • Gently straighten bent fins, which can reduce efficiency, with appropriate tools.
    • Make sure the condensate drain is not plugged to prevent water damage and uncomfortable humidity issues in your home.
    • Identify any other issues that could result in costly and unexpected breakdowns during the peak of the summer cooling season.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will save you money and extend the life of your AC system. Don’t wait for HVAC system issues before giving your unit the attention it deserves.

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