Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems – an Overview

Ductless air conditioning units are rising in popularity and sales nationwide. In-use in Japan for over 50 yearMitsubishi Ductless heating and coolings, and popular in Asia and Europe, this relative newcomer to the American market has been distributed across the U.S. by one of the top manufacturers of cooling and heating systems in the world, Mitsubishi Electric, for more than 30 years, gaining a snowballing portion of market share as homeowners have come to realize the amazing benefits of ductless systems.

How Does a Ductless System Work?
Ductless systems, such as Mitsubishi units, distributed by the company’s Georgia-based U.S. division, work similarly to heat-pump-style Mitsubishi central air systems, hence their alter alias: Mini-split system. The noisier part (compressor) is located outside of your home, however rather than bulky ductwork, interior, wall-mounted units are paired with the outdoor compressor unit, and distribute air via fan to each area into which they are installed. A few small 3-inch holes are all that is needed to accommodate the refrigerant lines necessary for the delivery of cooled or heated air to your home. One outdoor unit can serve up to 8 indoor room units, with more added as needed.

Why Go Ductless?
Simply put, ductless systems are the wave of the future, offering a host of advantages…

  • Comfort
    Instead of heating or cooling rooms you don’t use, Mitsubishi AC units and ductless heating systems allow you to increase comfort and save money by micro-managing the parts of your home that are in-use to each family member’s preference (also called “zoned” AC/heat).
  • Efficiency
    Extremely high SEER, with ratings pressing 30 versus the typical central AC system’s standard 13 SEER rating, zoned monitoring allows air handlers in each room to measure return air, adjusting automatically, unlike thermostat operation which measures conditions in a different room. Heat loss and leaks of traditional ducted systems (some as high as 25%) are also completely eliminated. Offering superior efficiency and savings on multiple levels, Mitsubishi heating units are also a great way to stay comfortable in seasonal transition days (when it’s too early to turn on the furnace) providing efficient comfort even in extremely cold climates, as low as -13° F.
  • Air quality
    Advanced, multi-stage filtration captures and removes allergy and asthma-inducing contaminants, as well as those that spread illness and impact air quality.
  • Quieter operation
    Indoor units are quieter than a whisper, and outdoor units as quiet as a refrigerator!
  • Ease-of-use
    Operate your Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner by smart device-driven app from anywhere, programming to suit your schedule, or via remote control in your home, making every room the perfect temperature.

Who Could Benefit from Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems?

  • Homeowners replacing an old system, regardless of the type.
  • Families who are tired of battling with hot/cold spots or fighting over the thermostat.
  • Those renovating an older home, and short on space.
  • New home builders, from starter homes to the luxury market.

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