Why is my Air Conditioner blowing hot air?

Nothing beats the feeling of relaxing indoors on a hot day with the comfort of your beloved air conditioner. However, sometimes you may feel hot or warm air coming out of the air ducts. If your unit isn’t functioning the way it used it, here are some reasons that may be causing this problem.


Let’s start with the basics, the thermostat. Although this may seem like stating the obvious it’s worth beginning by taking a look at your thermostat settings to make sure it is set to the “cool” setting. The issue of hot air may just be the result of accidently setting your thermostat to the “heat” setting.

Change filters

A properly maintained and well looked after air conditioning unit has a greater chance of working efficiently. If it has been a while since you cleaned and replaced the filters, it may be the cause of your air conditioner blowing hot air. To avoid this issue in the future, replace your unit’s filters once a month.

Condenser complications

The condenser is a central component of your air conditioning unit, and so it is common that the hot air may have to do with a problem in your condenser. Some common issues that may arise in your air conditioner’s condenser include:

  • A build-up of dirt, algae or dust on the condenser coils may prevent them from functioning effectively.
  • An excess of foliage and shrubbery surrounding the condenser unit can also be a hindrance for the air flow leading to a lack of efficiency.
  • The condenser may be damaged or faulty and in need of repair.

Refrigerant leakage

If your air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant, it has a greater chance of blowing out hot air. A refrigerant leak is a common problem that may ail your unit following heavy use. If this is the case, contacting your air conditioning company for a repair is the best course of action.

Compressor problems

Another vital aspect of your HVAC unit is the compressor that handles the circulation of refrigerant within the unit. A faulty compressor is a likely reason as to why your unit is unable to cool your home and is blowing out hot air.

Better safe than sorry

If you want to avoid having to face such troubles again, taking precautions such as investing in an air conditioning maintenance plan or booking an annual check-up with your air conditioning company is the way to go. Not only will it prevent future problems, but you will be able to fix existing issues before they deteriorate further.

Choosing the right HVAC contractor to tend to your heating and cooling units:

When choosing the perfect air conditioning contractor to solve any of the above problems, it is important to ask the following questions?

  • Is the company accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
  • What’s the word on the streets? Check customer reviews to find out what people think.
  • Do they offer flexible payment options?
  • Do they provide reliable service by skilled and professional technicians?

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