Retrofitting Your Older Home with Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning for Old House

The temperature is rising, and with it the desire for air conditioning in your older home. Unfortunately, you don’t have any ducts. But the good news is you do have options. Possibilities beyond those noisy, unsightly window units you’ve been relying on for so long – and without the need to reconfigure your home and chase around drywall dust for months after accommodating ductwork. What is this magical whole-house central air conditioning option? It’s ductless air conditioning.

What’s  ductless air conditioning?

Relatively new to the market, a ductless air conditioner, also called a mini-split system, is comprised of two parts: an interior, wall-mounted unit paired with a larger compressor unit which sits outside your home. What makes this so different from your typical, split HVAC system? No venting or ducts – hence the name. Simple and easy, ductless air conditioner installation require only a few small 3 inch holes to accommodate refrigerant lines for the delivery of cool, fresh air to your home.

How does it work?
Ductless systems work similarly to split HVAC systems, sans the ducts. The outdoor compressor unit cools air with the help of refrigerant, returning it into your home via a single or multiple interior units, which can be mounted on your wall or flush-mounted on your ceiling like recessed lights. Air is distributed via the interior unit’s fan. Each interior unit features its own easily adjustable thermostat, making it a great solution for homes with areas that remain unoccupied during the day.

Why are ductless air conditioning systems a superior choice for your older home?

Ductless systems, such as those by top-of-the-line manufacturers Bryant air conditioning and Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems, offer a host of benefits over both window units and traditional ducted systems:

  • Affordability.
    Installing traditional central HVAC ducting can be a massive, cost prohibitive undertaking in older homes.
  • Space savings.
    With ductless systems, you’ll never lose interior home or storage space to an air handler or ductwork.
  • Comfort.
    Ductless systems offer better temperature control than both window units and central air, courtesy of hand-held remote controls that allow you to dial-in different temperatures and times for each unit and room.
  • Security.
    No more open window security issues as with window units – or the need for off-season moving and storage.
  • Flexibility.
    Ductless systems offer room to grow: From single units to the addition of as many as four interior units. This allows for installation options ranging from a single areas (garages, all-season rooms) to multi-level homes.
  • Energy savings.
    Unlike traditional ducted systems, which can lose 25% of efficiency via leaks, poor insulation, or improper installation, ductless systems offer substantial energy and monetary savings – which can be compounded by the simple remote control adjustment of settings on interior unit(s) in unused rooms.

Ready to put a new twist on your older home? Contact the ductless air conditioning experts today!

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