Self Help Guide To HVAC That Everyone Should Know

While routine preventative maintenance is an essential part of a well-functioning HVAC system, not every task requires the skills of a professional. There are many crucial maintenance tasks that can be easily performed by homeowners. How can you keep your system healthy and reduce air conditioning repair and maintenance costs? Self Help Guide To HVAC

Regularly Replace Home Air Filters

Replacing your home air filter is the single most important thing you can do to keep your system in good working order. A dirty filter puts strain on your system, forcing it to work harder to move air, reducing its efficiency. Change filters every 30-90 days ensures optimal performance.

Keep Your Outside Unit Clear of Weeds & Debris

Check your outdoor unit weekly, keeping it clear of grass, weeds, and debris that can restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the system. It’s best to leave two feet of space surrounding the unit.

Clean Vents & Registers

Wipe down the vents and registers on your air conditioning system regularly. Clearing this dust and debris keeps it out of your system.

Turn Off Your Humidifier in Humid Summer Months

While humidifiers are great on cold, dry winter days, they can make your home uncomfortable and muggy during hot summer months. Once the cool weather passes, give your humidifier a summer break.

Be Mindful of Noises

If you notice any odd noises when your system is operating, try to identify the source. Noises are often caused by blocked vents and registers, debris stuck in vents or loose bolts on registers. If you can’t find the source, this handy guide may help you narrow down the culprit.

Use Fans to Take a Load Off Your System on Summer’s Hottest Days

Use fans whenever possible to give your air conditioner a break on summer’s hottest days, lengthening the lifespan of your system and saving on energy bills. Fans can help circulate cool air through your home, bringing the temperature down more quickly. They also produce a wind-chill effect, making you feel up to 7 degrees cooler, allowing you to adjust settings on your system while remaining comfortable.

Seal Air Leaks Around Your Home

Air leaks directly impact the performance of your system. Prevent wasting energy and money, keeping as much cold air in your house as possible, sealing leaks around windows, doors, plumbing, and more with weather-stripping, caulk and spray foam.

Maintain Your Warranty

Annual professional maintenance is required to maintain the warranty on your heating and cooling system. Scheduling maintenance in the spring or fall, before your system will see heavy use, is all it takes to check it off your HVAC to-do list.

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